You’re not here to fix other people.


Settle in, this might be a long one but packed with things you need to hear.

Last week I started yet another fire on Facebook. It’s become a little habit of mine… lighting matches, chucking ‘em into the sheep pen and watching what happens. It’s probably not the most effective, or even kindest way to wake people up, but it works. Typically the conversation triggers are all COVID-19 related.

In one particular conversation, I was advised to go meditate and to get OUT of my passionate emotion. This well-intentioned but wildly unhelpful advice came from someone who believed themselves to be spiritual, and had an energy of self-applause about them, because their personal meditation practice meant they’d achieved a robotic life, free from any kind of emotion which could stimulate passion, personal growth, enlightened experience, or even just basic human experience. It was really sad.

And yet again the hard reality of how toxic the ‘spiritual industry’ has become hit me smack in the face.


The fact we even have a spiritual ‘industry’ is a paradox in and of itself… something I’ve struggled with for years, but a conversation for another time perhaps.



Fast forward a week and yet more fires are burning in the lands of Facebook and I’m getting worn down juggling the thoughts, minds & opinions of the extreme conspiracy theorists, the extreme sheeples, and everyone else in between, realising I’m in a dichotomy of creating division whilst also trying to create unity and oneness.

Then yesterday happens. A day I wasn’t prepared for. Headache all day. Little things frustrating the hell out of me. A plethora of first world problems that would normally make me giggle with gratitude but instead had me cursing, muttering under my breath, and praying for some relief from the pounding in my head. I took to Instagram live as promised despite not feeling 100% myself and shared my day, some spiritual thoughts, and even sang a little song (the live is now on my IGTV if you want to catch the replay).

In under an hour, I was inundated with spiritual advice relating to my headache. I N U N D A T E D.



Now let’s pretend for a minute I’m not a High Priestess of Light perfectly capable of figuring out what’s going on in her own good time, and that I’m someone at the beginning of a spiritual, self-development, self-discovery journey.

The advice I received, completely unsolicited, would have sent a lot of people spiralling the ‘eff out.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate so much the love, the well-wishes, the SUGGESTIONS (very different to unsolicited advice), and the thoughts shared with me from clients, strangers, and friends on the internet, BUT I have to call out the lunacy of some of things I received.

Solar storms.

… may or may not have happened yesterday. May or may not have had something to do with my headache. Prior to this suggestion I was none the wiser. I tapped into my sources and don’t believe this to have been the cause. In fact IF the solar storms are going to come within the energetic radius of Planet Earth, it won’t be until tomorrow, so I’m told. I could be wrong. My ‘rightness’ is irrelevant.

The point is, the certainty with which I was issued this unsolicited prescription from “spiritually superior” sources is frightening, and dangerous. If I wasn’t who I am, and unable to tune into Source myself to figure out what’s going on with me, I might have taken this as gospel and completely missed what is actually going on for me. I might have elected to take this ‘certainty’ over seeking actual professional help from someone who would take the very necessary time to tune into my symptoms, either medically, energetically, or both. And that could have been disastrous.

5D Upgrades.

… may or may not be the cause of my headache/headaches in general. I was forwarded a source yesterday that said “not everyone is ready to upgrade to 5D” and nearly spilt my champagne. I don’t care where you sit on the spiritual evolutionary scale (more hierarchical labelling crap I hate), one thing is true for every single person. YOU ARE A SOUL WITHIN A BODY. Wanna know what that means in layman’s terms?! You’re already 5D dude. You’re already 3D AND 5D. You’re already physical and spiritual. Don’t let anyone kid you otherwise, or let you think you’re inferior because you haven’t ‘ascended into 5D’. Also… do you know what ascending into pure 5D means?! It means you’re dead. It means you left your skin suit. It means you’re not here on this planet to do the work you’re destined to do. Yeah. Trust me… you do NOT want to ascend into pure 5D ?

So anyone spinning you this utter bullshit and making out like they’re some holier-than-thou guru who operates only in 5D and floats around with their star-seed friends, waiting for the rest of the world to wake up by scaring them into thinking they’re not doing it right because they don’t contemplate their navel for 3 hours every day and stare at the fucking portals in the sky that they can’t actually see… please ignore, block, delete, and keep scrolling. K?



Spiritual superiority is rife, and increasingly it appears to present itself with a righteousness and an entitlement to ‘fix’ other people.


Honey, if you’re truly spiritual, you’ll understand already that you ain’t here to fix anyone but YOU. Radical personal responsibility is the game… not parading your feathers because you figured out there’s more than 7 chakras. Jeez louise. This makes me itch.

OK so my headache… lol… I know you’re dying to know!

I’m experiencing a vision upgrade. I finally managed to tune into my ST (spirit team) this morning from bed, following a 12-hour sleep, and an orgasm (or two) to understand what is going on with me. I’m being offered the gift of even deeper insight and perspective so I can understand our collective purpose and mission on a new level. It’ll take another day or two to fully calibrate into my body, so naturally, it’s causing some head pain. The reason I couldn’t tune in to my ST to understand this yesterday was 1. Divine timing can’t be manipulated, but 2. because I hadn’t allowed the upgrade to move through into embodiment. I’m a mind-processor and the pain was in that same area so the rest of my body wasn’t connected. Activating my womb magic this morning invited the energy to move through me, and through the movement, I experienced the embodiment of knowing what this ‘headache’ is. Once the messages were fully in my body, I was able to re-open to Source for further confirmation, and so the ‘click’ happened and the upgrade is now being received with minimal resistance or pain on my part.

There’s a million and one things I could teach you here but most of this subtle nuanced understanding is reserved for the ladies in my Priestess Ring and for those of you who will join me in October for the launch of my brand new signature programme, simply because it would take me WEEKS to teach it all properly and I’m not going to give you some half-arsed rushed explanation of something in order to showcase myself as some spiritual know-it-all. That is NOT my jam. Doesn’t serve me, and certainly doesn’t serve you. You deserve time, love and space for absorbing new information and applying it with success in your life.

However, something I will share is this:


Your body has more wisdom than many people care to realise.


I believe one of the reasons we’ve seen such a huge proliferation of self-proclaimed spiritual gurus with superiority complexes is because there’s a demand for it.

So many people are so quick to write off their physical symptoms as a consequence of a moon phase, a solar storm, an energetic upgrade, or some other spiritually-bypassing excuse, they don’t pause to listen to themselves. And don’t even get me started on people who run into the arms of western doctors every time they have a symptom of some description (not to discredit our doctors, they are sometimes very necessary, and mostly wonderful people).

Assuming I’m talking to people who understand physical symptoms are manifestations of things we need to listen to… please remember that S(h)e (your body) is packed full of wisdom just waiting for you to open the book and learn! Your body is not malfunctioning or misbehaving, or being deliberately difficult. Your pain is not an inconvenience, it’s a powerful lesson which will alchemise into a beautiful blessing if you give it the time, space, love, energy and attention it deserves, that you deserve.



The answers are inside of you.


Not on the Instagram page of a self-credited spiritual leader who thinks they’ve found the answer to life and all its problems.

Spirituality is not a title. It’s a journey. YOUR journey. YOUR body. Listen to your own wisdom. S(h)e will tell you everything you need to know.

If you’re ready for MORE of you in your life, just hang tight until October. I have something super magical for you.

If you’d like a little help to GET READY for October, you might want to book in for a session or two with my coach Mia. You’ll love her. I do.

Until next time

My love always,




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August 19, 2020