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The development of the Internet has provided users with up-to-date information on drug prices, helps the search for medicines, and answers the essential questions: where to buy Modafinil(Provigil) cheaper and where you can buy some medicine. The pharmacies listed will help you answer these questions.

Faith Pharmacy [Rating: 4.0]
59 Booth St W, Hulme, Manchester M15 6PQ, United Kingdom | +44 161 232 8044 |

Daytime staff are Very unprofessional and do not treat customers with respect or each other, arguing with one another in front of customers. I advise if you must use This pharmacy, wait for the evening staff. You will finally have a good experience.

I began using Faith Pharmacy long before this pandemic. They had just opened up, and the pharmacist was there doing everything, all alone. I am not an easy customer but, he had the patients and time to put me at ease. Thorough, polite, kind, and extremely professional. I prayed for his success. God bless you, Sir, and you have earned it.

Rusholme Pharmacy [Rating: 4.2]
253 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5LW, United Kingdom | +44 161 225 0260 |

Fast and efficient. The coaching was very rigorous to the utmost standard. They’re polite, knowledgeable and the pronunciation was outstanding. I will continue to use this location for my pharmaceutical needs.

A Miscommunication Turned Into Great Customer ServiceI wants to publicly thank Rusholme Pharmacy. Yesterday, we received a communication that our doc had called in a prescription for generic Modafinil pills. I was expecting to be able to pick it up after work today. I arrived, and the courteous lady at the drive-thru window searched but could find nothing that was filled per our doctor. She summoned her supervisor, a senior pharmacist. He explained that they didn’t have the prescription in that particular dosage. I said we needed it before the weekend. He said he would call other pharmacies to get the essential meds. I parked my car and went into the pharmacy. When I walked in, the senior pharmacist was already on the phone, seeking what my family member needed. After the call, he said a “runner” would deliver what is needed to us, and we will get it filled. It should take about 15 minutes. He also expressed sympathy for the condition the medicine was for. He filled that prescription immediately upon reaching the meds. It was within 15 minutes. The lead pharmacist and the pharmacist at the drive-thru window EXEMPLIFY how pharmacies should treat their customers: with respect and professionalism. These professionals deserve a high five as well as a 5-star rating.

iPharmaC [Rating: 4.1]
ipharmaC, 10-12 Hart Rd, Manchester M14 7LE, United Kingdom | +44 161 232 1887 |

Huge thank you to Nathan and the staff at iPharmaC for taking time out of their workday to assist me after I forgot to bring an important document. They were patient and polite, and Nathan explained everything perfectly for me to understand.

Very unhelpful, they don’t seem to care whether I buy Modafinil online or not. The doctor messed up my prescription, and I have told them that I’m completely out and leaving town for 2 weeks. They just said sorry, nothing they could do. It’s my diabetic medicine, so it’s pretty important, but it’s been 4 days without it, and it looks like it will be 2 more weeks. My sugar was 202 when I woke up this morning. But you know, it’s not important apparently.

Medicus Pharmacy [Rating: 5.0]
7 Christie Way, Manchester M21 7QY, United Kingdom | +44 161 222 6190 |

Like it is at most pharmacies, the people make the place. They are comforting and make sure that you know exactly what to expect from the medicine you have been prescribed by the time you leave. Some may seem brash, but it’s just a dry sense of humor. Highly recommend.

The pharmacists are always friendly, but I’ve come to expect a days-long struggle every time I pick up a prescription. My standard experience involves being told that my insurance isn’t covering the refill. Then, if I am willing to pay out of pocket, there is some issue with my doctor’s office. Then before I can get in contact with my doctor, I’ll get a notification on my phone that my prescription is ready for pickup. Every time I send my boyfriend to get my prescription for me, however, there’s usually no problem, so I don’t know what to make of that. Also, my trans family member tells me that the pharmacists deadname them every time they pick up their prescription, along with giving them a runaround in several ways similar to my experience. There are either enough bigots working at Medicus Pharmacy to slow down customers getting their hormones and birth control, or something about our specific prescriptions brings out the incompetence in the staff here.