Radical re-arranging of energy


Everything happens for a reason. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Everything is always working out for our greatest and highest good.

Everything is designed to bring us closer to our birthright.


Our birthright is to live, love, and serve ABUNDANTLY.


Money is just an energy that’s going to flow anyway, regardless of what energy you show up with.

Money is not selective.

Money does not care.

Money wants to flow to, and through, vessels who can receive, disperse and EXPAND that energy, i.e. people who show up for it.

By the very law of nature, all energy must be received, dispersed, and expanded. Look at everything it nature. It works this way. The scientists call it entropy. I have been known to call it chaos theory. What we know for sure is that this is how money works too.

Money WANTS to flow through you. It desires to be received by you. It desires to be re-worked, alchemised, and then sent back out into the Universe to play again.

Whatever is happening in your day to day life, the good stuff, and the bad stuff, this will always be true of money. It will always want to flow. It will always be trying to move through you.

It prefers to flow with consciousness because conscious money flow has minimal resistance, basically it’s easy. And who doesn’t want ease, grace and flow vibes?

We know you do. So does money!


You are energy. Money is energy.

And yet we get trapped in the day to day, blocking our flow with beliefs about things that aren’t true.

What will always be fundamentally true is that abundance is your birthright, money is an energy, and it desires to flow to you.


Everything is happening for you, so you can make more money, change more lives, have more experiences.


It’s not bad or wrong to want more money.

It’s not bad or wrong to not want to settle for less than what your heart desires.

It’s not bad or wrong to take about desiring more.

When you feel the urge to expand into more, you’re honouring your innate nature that governs all of nature… expansion is inevitable.


You are the fire that fuels your expansion.


Is your fire going to expand you abundantly today?

Or are distracting energies going to pull you into contraction?

I have opened the doors to the Money Consciousness Method for THREE DAYS ONLY before we double the price for the next official enrolment (in 2021). 

If you need some radical re-arrangement of your money energy, jump in and get to work.

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Whatever you want you can have. It’s all just energy. It’s all just flow. And both can be radically re-arranged with a little money consciousness.


My love always




Posted on

August 26, 2020