Reasons I love this woman


Entrusting something you love to someone else isn’t easy. All the mommas and fur mommas reading this, I know you hear me without me needing to explain any further.

But when I told you I was stepping back to focus on the extremely necessary ascension of both myself and the Ask H brand the cries from you guys for ways to work with me pulled on my heartstrings in a massive way. 

I only have so much time. And I won’t negotiate my hourly rate because I have to practice what I preach. For your sake.

When I first started coaching I used to charge £88 an hour and I had an abundance of time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could create a clone of that woman? But with all the knowledge and experience I have now.

Well today’s your lucky day babe. Mama Universe came through when she delivered this angel on the doorstep of Ask Harriette HQ.

Mia has been in Ask Harriette land since June 2018, first as a client, then as our marketing consultant, then as a coach in training, and now as a permanent, full time fixture on the team. The team that is growing faster and more miraculously than even I can keep track of.

My soul legit just did a little giddy wriggle inside my skin suit. Just Ellie & I were and are a dream team, let’s not play down our amazingness… but the extra pair of hands, new sets of eyes, and skill sets that fill in ALL THE GAPS literally makes my heart sing. 

And the first gap my Mia shaped clone is filling is the one that stands between you and your abundant future.

Here’s the thing about Mia… she’s way more than just a coach. 

She was running her own very successful Facebook ads business for years before I coaxed her over to the Divine side. She’s so good she ran our ads for Ask Harriette. She knows marketing and messaging inside out. And her copywriting skills are shit hot. (Can you tell who’s writing this email?! ? is it me or Mia?) She’s also pretty savvy on the old branding front too.

And as for her coaching skills…. she’s been trained by me. Need we say more?! The results she’s had with clients as a certified coach speaks volumes.

And if that’s not all she’s damn intuitive and spiritual AF. 

Mia can and will:

  • Upgrade your mindset
  • Eliminate your fears
  • Map out your business strategy or career growth plan
  • Call you on your bullshit
  • Help with your marketing and messaging
  • Teach you how to do abundance the Ask Harriette way
  • Spot the leaks in your finances so you can plug them
  • Heal your relationships (with yourself, with your money, and with the world)
  • Break your sabotaging cycles
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Guide you through your Numerology

And you can hire her from only £188 an hour (discounted rate for packages, one off sessions are also available at £244).

I mean if you’re going to pull on my heart strings babe… the mother in me is going to want to offer you the moon on a stick. This is about as close as I can get to that.

And listen this is a big bloody deal for me. Leaving you in the hands of someone else. 

But I love Mia. She’s incredible. And I know you’ll love her too. And you’ll love yourself more once you’ve made the transformation you desire and deserve… the Ask Harriette way ?

For just £188/hour… and you could start in the next few days. Don’t wait!

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Or, book a free coffee chat here to discover how she could personally help you, but trust me, working with her is a decision impossible to regret!

My love always,




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August 18, 2020