Ask Harriette Certified Coaching Sessions,

with Mia Burley

From only £244 an hour

Ask Harriette magic at just a fifth of the price!

For those that KNOW working with a coach is your ultimate next step, but require a more comfortable financial stretch.

Perfect if you’re new to coaching and new to investing in yourself. We’ve carefully and lovingly curated a package to provide you with that first baby step.

Business, Money and Mindset coaching at Ask Harriette standard, for a 5th of the Harriette investment!! 

With Mia’s coaching you will:

  ✔ Access the support, guidance and transformations you need to turn that idea into a profitable business

✔ Learn how to align yourself with the money you desire and design an identity for yourself who will confidently co-create those dreams

✔Access 1-1 guidance on Harriette’s famous 7 step mindset system* to unleash your zone of genius, your deepest heart’s desires and soul calling

✔️ Achieve your goals faster and with ease, grace and flow

✔️ Release yourself from the beliefs and mindsets that are keeping you stuck 

✔️ Create and nurture a sense of self empowerment, allowing you to take action with confidence and certainty 

✔️ Learn how to run your launches the Ask Harriette way

✔️ Raise your vibration and ascend to the level of service and impact you crave

Within less than 5 minutes of our call, I had already shifted an old conditioned sticky money belief! She is that good!

Rachel Alyce

The Quarter Life Funk

Working with Mia has been incredible for me and my business. At the start of our time together I had a couple of blogs and the intention of setting up a business, but I had serious blocks about taking the steps. With Mias help I now have a full website set up, a work with me page and an email campaign. I have more certainty in what I am doing and a belief in my capabilities. 
Being held accountable weekly and having someone to work things through with, condensed the amount of time it would have taken me to reach this point. I could have been working and procrastinating for months before even starting to make the progress I achieved in just 1 month with Mia. 
Thank you so much for your help! 
Louise Darby

Life Coach

Working with Mia as been the best investment in my business this year. She has truly helped me to a new level. Holding the space, asking the right questions, helping me undercover the reason for upper limiting and heal the wounds. Mia is warm, caring and super sharp. She has helped me with my mindset, upper limits, strategy for growth and launch of my next level online course, energy and helped me see all the things I create from my high vibe. 
If you’re looking for a coach be smart and sign up with Mia.
And Mia, thanks for the bottom of my heart.
Pernille Birkenfeldt

MoneySoul Coach

One off Session


1 x 1 hour of 1-1 coaching

four session package

*Most Popular*

4 x 1 hour 1-1 coaching

Numerology Report

As a certified Ask Harriette Coach, Mia is fully trained in The Money Mindset System and all Ask Harriette coaching methods. She also has a wealth of experience in marketing funnels, copywriting, social media from building 3 of her own businesses. 

Mia has been in Ask Harriette land since June 2018, first as a client, then as our marketing consultant, then as a coach in training, and now as a permanent fixture on the team. And if that’s not all she’s pretty damn intuitive and spiritual AF. 


Everything you need to hit those first pivotel business goals, all wrapped up in a £244 bow.

Not exclusively for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, mindset coaching can be hugely transformational for those looking to experience more success in manifestation, working with the Universe, self worth and self confidence, corporate career development, money mindset and money management.

Mia Can and will
Upgrade your mindset


Eliminate your fears

Map out your business strategy or career growth plan
Call you on your bullshit
Help you with your marketing and messaging


Teach you how to do abundance the Ask Harriette Way
Spot the leaks in your finances so you can plug them
Heal your relationships (with yourself, with your money and with the world)
Break your self sabotaging cycles


Become the best version of yourself

And much more

All for just £244 a session or £715 for a package of 4 sessions!

Just imagine what your life and business could look like with Mia’s help!

Wouldn’t you love to start next year by stepping into your radient, abundant and powerful self?

It’s decision time babe!

One off Session


1 x 1 hour of 1-1 coaching

four session package

*Most Popular*

4 x 1 hour 1-1 coaching

Numerology Report