I’ll Never Teach You Something That Can’t Make You Money


Clients that work with me on a 1-1 basis tend to make their investment back within a matter of days.

I’m currently training Priestesses who are experiencing more money coming in in one month than what they’re used to receiving in a year.

I’ve already had messages since opening the doors to the Money Consciousness Method to tell me that just making the decision to sign up to the course resulted in a new client, or a refund coming through, or some other Divine money manifestation. 

I’ll never teach you anything that can’t make you money. Because by Universal Law, consciousness guarantees money will come looking for you. The more conscious you are, the more money you make. 

When you apply consciousness, you release all attachment to material needs. True consciousness and Ego attachment can not co-exist, and it’s Ego attachment that’s keeping you stuck.

Module 4 of the MCM is all about returning your investment. That’s right, an entire module teaching you exactly how to call that abundance back, plus more, for life. You’ll learn about creating sustainable money practices, balancing “hard work” with ease, grace and flow and how to stay on your A Game against all odds.

BUT… I’ve gone even further for 2020. I’ve done something I honestly didn’t think I’d do for a long time yet, and it’s creating ways for you to return your investment that have me squealing with excitement…

I’m teaching you how to become a Conscious Creator and I’m licensing the Universal Laws!!

Through an optional Module 6, you can become licensed to teach the Universal Laws, downloaded into me in 2017, that have shaped the entirety of my work and my career as the world’s leading Consciousness Coach and High Priestess of Light.

I’m showing you exactly how to teach consciousness to others, and charge for it, so you can create the abundance that is your birthright by doing the work the Universe desires us all to do; contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet for the highest and greatest good of all. 

Wake people up, pass on the consciousness torch and return your investment 10 fold by fully embodying the Law of Abundance. You’ll be guided to…

  • How to teach Consciousness Principles
  • How to guide people through connecting with all of their human emotions
  • How to take people through Divine Questioning and the creation of their own Vibration Enhancer & 60 second hack
  • Creating safe spaces for your clients to step into their own consciousness
  •  Scripts and written processes to make it effortless!
  • How to connect your clients to their Higher Selves, Spirit Teams & The Universe
  • Scripts and instrumental tracks to record your own guided meditations
  • How to help your client pinpoint areas that are void of consciousness in their life; health, wealth, happiness, love, relationships, self-worth.
  • Understand the power of uncomfortable conversations and opening your client up to being uncomfortable in order to hold space for them to do the necessary shadow work
  • Guide clients through reacting, resistance, self-sabotage & shrinking
  • Working with Chaos Theory to create miracles out of messy situations.
  • Creating consciousness containers for your clients in all areas of their lives in order to prioritise their self-care, self-worth and self-honouring practices
  • Workbooks and scripts to help your clients grade consciousness in all areas of their lives and create their consciousness containers.

PLUS a BONUS training on how to manifest anything and everything including…

  • Working with Lighthouse Theory
  • Calling your desires in through Energetic Orbits
  • Being a match for your desires
  • Faith & trust in the beliefs that serve you
  • Consistently upgrading beliefs to match desire as you continually expand

This module alone is valued at £5555. It’s yours, as well as the entirety of the Money Consciousness Method for just £1444!!

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August 28, 2020