Why it matters (Money & Consciousness)


Welcome to 2020. Is this a pantomime? A conspiracy? Or a tragedy?

Whatever your beliefs, I think we can all stand unanimous in one unequivocal truth:




The way we interact with life is entirely unique to the individual. No two people perceive the world, and receive information in exactly the same way. Our passions, causes, beliefs, opinions, missions, dreams, thoughts & behaviours are exclusively ours… and yet this individuality is quite often the very thing that holds us back from Soul fulfilment.

Compassionate people look at the world and weep. They seek hope. Then they take action.

Until the next event. Until the weight of the world and its problems gets heavier, louder, more impossible… until that compassion feels futile.

Navigating life whilst trying to DO life leaves important missions unfulfilled, ground-breaking causes under-nourished, beliefs unchanged, opinions un-challenged, and dreams all but forgotten.


How much of YOU have you left behind as you’ve been swept up in world events? And I’ll bet it’s not just 2020 that’s held you back either. Am I right?


You are a good person, I know this, but we need more than compassion, we need consciousness. 

We need ownership of our wounds, inner healing, new knowledge & tools, a language that unites us instead of divides us. We need to wakeup MORE.

Consciousness/spirituality/being WOKE is not a destination, it’s a journey, and if you think you’re already woke and don’t need consciousness work, you missed the point, and you ain’t woke. Humble yourself. Consciousness is selfless service, amongst many other things.

That said, consciousness without money is about as useful as a pen without paper. You can’t impact the world from your meditation cushion & grounding walks whilst you spend the rest of the day avoiding bills, not expanding your dream because you ‘can’t afford to’, and committing to your scarcity and fear mentality.

On the flip side, Money without consciousness… well that’s just dangerous. Can you see 2020?! I say no more.


Money is the currency of Planet Earth. Cash & credit, in equal weight, is the foundation on which you fulfil your Soul mission.


Avoiding your relationship with it, not earning ‘enough’ of it, lusting after it for having its sake, and allowing it to slip through your fingers without conscious action is an abuse of your right and responsibility to Abundance.

Money & Consciousness together, the use of money consciously, and the use of money to expand consciousness…. THIS IS WHAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

It’s the perfect blend of 3D and 5D, Divine Feminine and Masculine, practical strategic and spiritual scientific, self-development and mission-expansion.


This is true abundance.


It’s not about having a shit load of cash in the bank sitting there so you can fund your materialistic ambitions.

It’s about having the financial freedom to do the shit that matters, to create lasting change and impact, whether that’s on 2 people or 2 million people. 

The less conscious you are, and the less money you pull through, the less impact you’re having. And if you didn’t come here to show up and contribute in some way shape or form, what are you doing on my mailing list? Because I sure as hell ain’t buying the idea that you came here to be a witness, pay your bills, and die.



You’re here because you’re witnessing me showing you what’s possible, and you want some of that sugar too… be honest.


Money. And. Consciousness. What would you do?!

I am closing the doors in less than 24 hours. All the information you need about this life-changing programme is right here:

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Read the testimonials, check out the payment plans, imagine your life with more money and more consciousness… what would you do?! A hell of a lot more than you’re doing now. 

Want to wait until next year because you “can’t afford it?”. I won’t push you. But what are you going to do in that 12 months? Continue to NOT contribute to the best of your conscious and financial ability?! No babe. The world needs you and your conscious, financially-free ass like yesterday. 

So click, enrol, join me. Let’s bring money and consciousness back to the hands that make a difference. Your hands. 

Oh, and if you love the sound of what I’m doing for you, you can now become a licensed Consciousness Creator yourself and do the same for other people, just make sure to add on the optional module at registration. It’s called “Become a Consciousness Creator”.


I’ll see you on a live call very soon, and in the meantime, you get stuck in to Module One!

>>> The Money Consciousness Method <<<

Love always




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August 28, 2020