The Universal Laws


Invest £44 and receive immediate lifetime access to 4 video trainings. 

These 4 video trainings will change your life!
You will learn:  

✔ Each of the 11 Universal Laws required to manifest the life and abundance you desire and deserve!

✔ The Incarnation Intentions (the meaning of life… learn to eradicate all those WTF thoughts and moments you have).

✔ Learn the manifesting tools necessary to co-create a life of your own desire & design on a daily basis.

✔Learn to get clear and find direction in your life and business. 

✔ Unlock your communication with the Universe.  

✔ Learn and understand how the Universe is communicating with you. 

✔ Learn how to find Soul fulfilment.

Ever heard of manifesting or the Law of Attraction?

Well, it’s time for an upgrade!

The Law of Attraction is hugely outdated and largely ineffective. It’s been misused for centuries and it doesn’t hold the power it once did. 

If you’re doing all the things when in comes to manifesting but not getting the results you deserve – I feel for you!

Chances are you’re not living your life in alignment with the 11 Universal Laws, but of course that’s not your fault… you just didn’t know they existed or how to live by them until now!

I’ve literally just finished the replay of the Universal Laws Class and absorbed every second of it had to even rewind and pause and rewind just to really take it all in.

I am literally still in such a high and continuously WOW!!

I’m in the process of wanting to open my own business which I’ve always wanted to do but never been strong enough or had self belief.

You are the light I believe has been sent to me to give me that push.


I don’t have words to describe the information I encountered in the Universal Laws Classes.  I naturally was a skeptic before …  but everything, literally everything ‘clicked’ with me. It was not about ‘believing’ anymore, it was about knowing, knowing internally. 

My soul has woken up to its purpose, and even though I always wanted to be in service of other people, the fire that I feel now, the fire that this whole journey lit in me is unexplainable.  I can’t wait to follow my joy and continue on this journey.

Niels Rampen