Spiritual practice is effortless


There’s a mantra I know and love, that used to trigger the crap out of me when it was first presented to me by my teacher:

Everything is sacred, and yet nothing is sacred.

Everything is spiritual, and yet nothing is spiritual. 

This notion completely took the wind out of me. If spirituality wasn’t as sacred and as powerful as I’d been led to believe, what was the bloody point?

I meditated religiously for hours every day. I sage’d the crap out of everything, stacked crystals in my bra, and journaled like my life depended on it. I even went to those god awful kundalini yoga classes twice a week because this very same teacher said I needed to strengthen my energy bodies.

And yet here he was, telling me that everything, and yet nothing was actually sacred.

My superiority complex took a bashing. I wanted to believe so badly that my spiritual practice was the answer to my desired success, and that by being such a devoted student, I was somehow going to receive a ‘get out of jail free’ card and quantum leap myself into the life of my dreams.

This was many years ago now, and this mantra isn’t just something I grew to love, it’s something I grew to embody in the most magnificent ways.

I no longer meditate daily. Or journal daily. And I can’t remember the last time I used a dowsing crystal, or drew the cards for myself.


My spiritual practice isn’t outward… it’s internal. It’s effortless. It’s in everything I do.


From writing these emails, to putting on my makeup, to taking a shower, to having sex with my husband. Even making a cup of coffee is spiritual and sacred these days.

Spirituality, accessing the ‘5D’, connecting to Source or your Spirit team doesn’t require massive external effort anymore. 

This is the Aquarian age. The time of deep-healing, trauma-revelation, wound-pondering, and exclusive shadow work is done.

We don’t need to access the higher realms to receive guidance.

We don’t need to depend on our spirit team to tell us what to do.

We don’t need a crystal to swing a hard right to tell us what we already know.

All of that ‘stuff’ has been rearranged. We’ve been upgraded. It’s all within us now. 


Embodiment is the vibe.


Your body. Your energy. Your rules. Your choice.

And trust me, it’s way way easier than you might have previously thought.

Watch out for a very special announcement coming later today, I’m going to show you just how effortless this can really be.

My love always




Posted on

September 1, 2020