To The Woman…


To The Woman…

To the woman curled up in bed too exhausted to move

To the woman hiding from the world unable to face her fears

To the woman who loved and lost at the hands of her narcissist

To the woman who bit her lip to fight back the tears in the hands of her abuser

To the woman covering the bruises with concealer, and the pain with a forced smile

To the woman beating herself up for her own “stupidity”

To the woman burying years of pain in her womb

To the woman who takes off her clothes to dance for money & lecherous men

To the woman turning a blind eye to money missing from her purse

To the woman who finds it impossible to trust a man

To the woman who won’t let Love in

To the woman doing two and a half jobs whilst raising a small army and building an empire

To the woman losing her mind at the thought of her man leaving her for two days

To the woman fighting for her voice to be heard

To the woman who thinks about screaming but can barely raise her voice above a whisper

To the woman who has been penetrated against her will

To the woman too scared to be on her own

To the woman who dies inside every time she has to get undressed in front of her man

To the woman who claws at her skin because she loathes her body so much

To the woman with her fingers down her throat on the bathroom floor

To the woman numbing out with pills, and wine, and drugs

To the woman who has written thousands of unsent messages

To the woman who feels like a disappointment to everyone around her

To the woman who calls herself a fraud

To the woman still harbouring deep secrets

To the woman who rolled her eyes at the “me too” campaign because that was easier than admitting “she too”

To the woman who feels like she will never amount to anything

To the woman who has yearned for death & danced with suicide

To the woman who knows the inside of a padded room

To the woman who bleeds alone in a silent room with only the voice of her own self-abuse for company

To the woman who hates her life and can’t seem to catch a break

To the woman who carries nauseating anxiety around with her all-day

To the woman who desperately wishes she could be someone else

To the woman, who, at the peak of her life, in marriage, money, and mission, needs to take two mental health days to heal her deepest wounds of abuse and anxiety

To all of these women, today might not feel like a day to celebrate. Today might be another at eye roll at best. Today I don’t want to celebrate all the women who have made our Planet great in some way. I want to celebrate all of you still here, still coping, still healing, and still somehow putting one foot in front of the other. The Patriarchy obliterated so many of us, in so many unseen ways, I often wonder if the healing will ever be completed, if we will ever be free.

There’s plenty I don’t share. There are layers of pain and abuse underneath the Priestess crown. All of the women I speak to above exist within me. I have been all of these women at some point or other in my life. In fact, that last address was to me just this week (you may have noticed I disappeared from social media for a few days).

I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I’m with you. 

And finally…

To the woman too scared to hit ‘publish’ on her truth. This one is for you.

If the million-dollar Priestess with her ‘perfect life’ needs to take mental health days to heal her shit, then you can too. We’re all wounded. But we’re here. And that deserves a celebration. 

Happy International Woman’s Day. Tomorrow, I have something to say to the men. 

In the meantime, a little recognition for the women at Ask Harriette HQ who kept shit rolling seamlessly in my absence. They launched our tech packages, woohoo! Ellie… and Mia… I love you. If you know them, email and show them a little love too, I’d really appreciate it!

My love always



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March 8, 2020