848711: My SDB (spiritual bar code)


We’ve all got one. A string of numbers which gives us the answers to our Soul calling, our raison d’être… why the fuck we appeared here on this floating rock with all these other Souls in this exact moment in time.

One of the first things I established about Stephen before we started dating was his SDB… he’s a good match. Obviously. Lol. (we’re getting married this year in case you’re new to me and didn’t know).

I knew the SDB of Mia, one of our in-house coaches, copy writers and community managers, long before I employed her.

I know the SDB of the new nanny we just hired.

I frequently revisit my parents SDB so I can remind myself what they know / have learned / and contributed through their experience, and how that adds to the fulfilment of my own Soul Destiny.

I mutter 848711 (eight four eight seven eleven) under my breath all the time. In fact I frequently talk to myself in numbers. To be honest sometimes they make a hell of a lot more sense than words. Words hold emotions. Numbers hold energies that aren’t weighted with anything. The purity of Universal truth is communicated through numbers. Ego doesn’t get in the way of numbers. We can’t get lost in translation with numbers. We can’t misunderstand numbers (once we know Priestess numerology). Messages from the Universe are as plain as day when you speak the Aquarian language.

Numerology goes way beyond just understanding your own numbers. It teaches you how to master all the numbers. Let me explain….

Priestess Numerology is a blend of Tantric Numerology, Universal Frequencies and Angel Numbers. Tantric numerology teaches us the ten energy bodies that make up a human being. When we master all ten energy bodies we become the embodiment of the Aquarian age, i.e. the ‘perfect’ human. Don’t worry, I know it sounds massive and scary, and even I’m not there yet, despite being a High Priestess and actively working on this stuff for years. I hope to have mastered this in my old age but I’m in no rush, I’m enjoying the journey, and guiding others through it at the same time. I’ve certainly come a long way:

?I no longer have money worries (8th body)

?I no longer judge myself or others (4th body)

?I really truly let my light shine at all times (7th body)

?I’m fully in my Divine Feminine (9th body)

?… and leadership (10th body)

?My positive mind is much stronger (3rd body)

?And whilst my negative mind is still present, it’s not leading any more (2nd body)

?More importantly, I’ve truly gotten to know my Soul, and I freaking love her (1st body)

?My intuition is on fire, and I use it daily to change people’s lives (6th body)

?My physical health isn’t 100% but my body speaks to me more now than she ever used to and I listen to her (5th body)

I still have more work to do on my 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 10th bodies, and I’m loving strengthening these aspects of myself, but as far as my SDB goes (848711), I’m pretty damn powerful.

The SDB includes insights into our strengths as well as our weaknesses so over the years I’ve actively and consciously worked on these numbers first to make my weaknesses strong and my strengths stronger. It’s information I’ve held close to my heart and have used it to make decisions and guide my path. Knowing my weaknesses allows me to seek out people with these strengths so I can support myself in pursuit of mastery.

Being able to read others SDB’s has been a crucial part of this process.

Knowing your SDB is only half the picture, understanding what to do with it after the reading is the other half, and speaking the language of numbers allows you to navigate your way to Soul fulfilment with ease, grace and flow.

The Universe speaks directly to YOUR SDB, so the way you understand the numbers using Numerology might be slightly different to how another person interprets its but that’s because you are already coded with Aquarian truth… it’s just a tool you haven’t yet learned to use.

It’s time to learn. Educate yourself. Stop guessing. Get it in black and white, and then let the Universe speak to you directly.

If nothing else imagine all the time and money you will save seeking out psychics, pouring over your journal, getting frustrated in meditation, hiring coaches to help you ‘figure this shit out’…. for the sake of £888 and 8 weeks, you can put this power in your own hands.

And what’s more, you can be the power that helps other people. You can be THAT person that everyone else goes to because you can actually provide answers, not just guesses wrapped up as well intentioned advice.

If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to jump. Doors close at midnight TONIGHT!

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My love always



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March 5, 2020