There are things you’re not supposed to say on the internet because it might upset people


There are things you’re not supposed to say on the internet because it might upset people 


So let me wash a little more dirty laundry here.

I get charge backs from shitty people who buy my courses, don’t do the work, and then try to remove personal responsibility for their lack of transformation.

As an online entrepreneur / coach / leader etc, I’m not supposed to tell you this. I’m supposed to pretend I don’t have these issues, and if I do share, I’m supposed to pretend I’m not bothered by it and rise above it.


I see people doing unethical shit online, and basically lying. And I call them out on it.

As an online entrepreneur / coach / leader etc, I’m not supposed to make judgements, assumptions, or call on the white elephant in the room. If I do, I’m the bitch who’s triggered and “clearly needs to deal with her own stuff”.


I’m having the best sex of my life, and loving every second of it. 

As a BUSINESS coach I’m not supposed to talk about sex because it’s not my area of “expertise”, and it’s also “very unprofessional” for me to include details about my personal life in my messaging / social media / marketing.


Naming and shaming people for breaking the Universal Laws is a HUGE no no. Apparently. Doesn’t everyone make mistakes? Don’t we all have a right to confidentiality and forgiveness for our mistakes? I’m not supposed to name and shame on the internet because it might upset people, and of course as someone who is “successful”, naming & shaming ‘should’ be beneath me.

#sure #dontpushme

I earn a fuck ton of money, I’m a self-made millionaire, and I live an extravagant lifestyle. I show off my cars, my house, my first class travel, my shoe collection which is worth in excess of £10,000, and talk very openly and transparently about how much I earn and spend. In fact, as I write this I’m currently on a train to York to test drive an Audi R8 which I’ll probably buy for £85k. Because I can.

But of course I’m not supposed to say things like that on the internet, because it’s crass, it triggers people, and apparently some people don’t care.


I don’t give a shit what people think. I used to. OMG I used to care so much I was a nervous wreck, always trying to please people and over-deliver in every area of my life to the point of burn out. But these days, I really couldn’t give a rats arse what anyone thinks about me, my money, my choices, my beliefs, my habits, my messaging, my dreams, or my life. Because all of what I just said is MINE. Me, myself and I. Absolutely jack shit to do with anyone else.

But I’m an online entrepreneur / coach / leader, so I’m supposed to listen patiently to everyones opinions and take onboard everyones comments and advice.

Honey if I haven’t paid for your advice, I haven’t asked for it. So I really really DO NOT CARE what you think. Unsolicited advice is toxic.


I am human as fuck and I make a lot of mistakes. All the time. I get things wrong. I’m not perfect. I get triggered, and emotional, and anxious. I have low energy days. I say some really dumb shit sometimes. And I drink far too much sometimes. Oh, and I curse like a sailor. Had you noticed?

As an online entrepreneur / coach / leader etc, I’m not supposed to wash my dirty laundry in public, share my weaknesses, my vices, or anything else which might deem me less than worthy of being a Spiritual Leader or a Master Teacher. God forbid I screw up my own launch / business / income because I’m human.


OK If I wasn’t on a train, I’d be rolling on the floor laughing right now at the utter nonsense and absurdity of all this shit I’m not supposed to say on the internet because of who I’m expected to be.

Let me tell you something babe.

I am Harriette fucking Hale. High Priestess of Light & Consciousness Coach. And I will lead regardless of who follows. I’m burning a new path for everyone who wants to free themselves from all of that patriarchally conditioned crap I wrote above. I’m not down for bullshit boundaries which try to define who I am, what I can do, and what I can have.

I’ll be whoever the hell I want to be, do whatever the hell I want to do, and have whatever the hell I want to have. Because all of life is a fucking illusion. The only thing holding you back from a life beyond your wildest is the fucked up filters you put in front of the energetic projection you put out into the world that creates the reality you see, feel & experience.

You think you’re inside a body looking out. But you’re not. Even that is an illusion. 

You think you’re figuring this life shit out but trust me, you’re not even fucking close. Not if you’re subscribing to ANYTHING that defines you.

You are the Universe. Ready to learn the shit that will blow your current experience out of the water?

There’s a waiting list for a new school I’m opening on Thursday.

The School of Mastery. 

Trust me when I tell you, you want to be on the Guest List. Shit’s about to get really fucking real.


I love you babe

See you in class



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October 21, 2019