Anger. Jealously. Panic. Fear.


Can’t believe I’m going to admit this to you

But even the best of us get triggered and fall into the grip of fear. 

Over the weekend I saw an old client of mine had signed up for coaching with another old client of mine. Beautiful right?

Unless you’re susceptible to the green eyed monster, which let’s be honest, we all are.

I fell into the trap. Nothing was beautiful in that moment. Least of all my thoughts & my reaction.

The first old client in this story had told me weeks prior she couldn’t afford to join my Soul Money Mastermind, even though she “really wanted to”, she “simply couldn’t afford to invest in more coaching right now”.

The other client of mine, the one she’d signed up with, is doing brilliantly and making a huge success of her business. Obviously. She worked with me! (It is not uncommon to be earning 6 and multiple 6 figures in your business by time you’re done working with me).


The fear-based ego whispered in my ear “she should be getting her own clients, not poaching yours, you never taught her to do that, it’s unethical, you don’t do unethical”.

To which my loved-based Soul immediately responded, “Don’t you Harriette? ‘You don’t do unethical’, is that what you believe? Isn’t this fear-based judgement of your own clients a tiny bit unethical? Hmmm?”

She’s seriously sassy my Higher Self. Always knows how and when to call my ego out of her pity party.

So in that moment I shifted back to my authentic Priestess self.

And wouldn’t that be a lovely way to end the story? If only.

My phone pinged… a failed payment for £1,111. And then another, for £444. And then another, for £199. And this continued until I had over £2000 in failed payments flashing at me from my screen. 

At which point my ego started to have a shit fit.

“Why the fuck won’t these people just sort out their money shit and fucking pay me? They’ve had the fucking coaching, I’ve seen them celebrating themselves on the ‘gram, for fucks sake, just fucking pay me, I’m sick to fucking death of all these failed payments, I work too hard for this shit”

Quickly followed by

“Oh crap what If I don’t actually make any money today? What if this is beginning of the end? What if I start to lose all my clients to all my other clients? What if I’ve totally shot myself in the foot by over delivering to the point of making my clients invincible? What if this is history repeating itself and I lose everything again?”

My higher self quietly raised an eyebrow and telepathically invited me to become a witness for myself. 

Bear in mind I was changing Ostara’s nappy at this particular moment in time, it took another 10 seconds to persuade my ego we didn’t need to go sit in meditative contemplation to sort this mess out.

Spiritual ascension, conscious witnessing, and mindset & energy shifts need to happen ALONGSIDE mothering, not independently of mothering. And life for that matter.

At which point I literally burst into a fit of giggles as I came home to myself in a rush of adrenaline, endorphins, and REMEMBRANCE.

You see, I really have mastered this energy shit. And I can apply it to everything in life and business. It doesn’t make me immune to my human emotions, or my egoic responses. But it does mean I can alchemise that nonsense in less time than it takes to change a nappy . (For clarities sake, I’m talking a poonami-style nappy with an abundance of baby wipes, not a quick clean change… I’m quick, but I’m not THAT quick!)

Here’s what downloaded to me in that moment:

  • All of life is an illusion
  • There’s nothing to fear but fear itself
  • The idea of competition is a patriarchal construct designed to keep us in fear
  • There is always more than enough money
  • Money has been flowing to me effortlessly & easily for years, because that’s how I choose my life to be
  • Only my own choice could ever stop my money flow
  • I can have whatever I want
  • I always get whatever I want
  • The Universe is always conspiring in my favour
  • Money is constantly expanding
  • Business is constantly expanding
  • I am constantly expanding
  • I choose to be paid every day
  • There’s no such thing as loss, only fear-based attachment to illusions that aren’t real
  • You’re recovering from the Fall From Grace, this is all part of the process
  • Feel it & heal it so that you can teach it
  • You’re a Master. Come back to that truth.

And with an exhale, a smile, and a serene sense of bliss that alchemised the anger, jealousy, panic and fear utterly and completely, I picked up my darling daughter, and we went to a 1st birthday party.

An experience which triggered a whole new set of human emotions and responses. Funny things these flesh vessels. But that’s a story for another time 🙂

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My love always


p.s. as an aside… I am ALWAYS recommending people to my clients, even old clients to current clients, and current clients to other clients. This reactive ‘out-of-character’ moment was exactly that… a reactive moment. A Divine intervention, necessary for me, so I could show you EXACTLY what is possible 🙂 Now THAT is beautiful! #mastery


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October 21, 2019