The School of Mastery is now Open!


OMFG I have literally been dying to reveal this to you. I don’t think I slept last night. No more sleeps!! It’s finally here!

PLUS, the first 50 people to register will receive an additional coaching session with me scheduled THIS MONTH for super quick implementation and transformation, and the first 100 people to enrol will also receive a personalised gift in the post from me (may take a few weeks to arrive depending on where you are in the world).

Introducing to you …. THE SCHOOL OF MASTERY !

A membership to a life of abundance

The School of Mastery is a monthly membership and VIP community to support you in living boldly and abundantly. 

Become a master of your life with tools, support and step-by-step trainings from the Ask Harriette team.


?You’re inspired by the magic. You’re inspired by the Priestess (moi).

?You have a desire to challenge the status quo, to liberate yourself from conformity and mediocrity.

?You envision a life for yourself that shimmers with abundance, but it’s shackled in your imagination. You want it all, but you don’t know how to untie the knots.

So you relegate yourself to the struggle, the hard grind, and the fear. Overwhelm taunts the space where motivation should be and it’s spilling over into every area of your life.

What do you focus on first? Your money, your relationships, figuring out your next career or business move?

Honey, you deserve to master it ALL.

Welcome to the School of Mastery, a curriculum on mastering every area of your life. 

Inside the school, you’ll learn how to do life the new way. The Priestess way.

With me as your guide, and the support of my team and your tight-knit community, you’ll work to command every area of your life.

We’ll hand you the inspiration to get you started and a vault of tools to get you there.

Live coaching, masterclasses, online exercises and guided meditations will come together to offer you the ultimate holy trinity of science, strategy and a good dollop of spirituality.

As for you…

?You’ll find purpose, passion and profit.

?You’ll swap dreams for action.

?You’ll get what you want, without negotiations.

?“Oh wow” lightbulb moments guaranteed.

➡️It’s your personal responsibility to unchain those shackles. To bring to life what’s in your heart and nail those intentions. You’re a one-time event in this universe, now is the time to contribute – to take aim, to learn and succeed.

For only £29 a month we will deliver an abundance of teachings from the best of the best to help you understand and master:

  • Your soul
  • Your ego
  • Your emotions
  • Money
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Self-love
  • Self-talk
  • Business
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Soul truth
  • Communicating with the Universe
  • Forgiveness
  • Overcoming shame, grief and patriarchal conditioning
  • Friendships
  • Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Self-empowerment

…and the list continues. The tools, strategies and teachings you will master in the school are applicable to every area of your life, which means once you command one area of your life, there is an osmosis effect. Success will seep into your every corner.

When you become a student of The School of Mastery…

?You will have an unwavering inner voice of good and guidance. You will always know what to do. Abundance will flow easily and you will radiate positivity. Life will be more fun, more adventurous, more magic.

You’ll be able to:

  • Manifest the perfect person into your life at exactly the time you need them
  • Attract high-ticket clients, a literary agent, manager or pay-rise
  • Be comfortable with making people uncomfortable: saying no, demanding what your worth, putting yourself first, and living unapologetically
  • Identify cultural and patriarchal brainwashing and unlearn this conditioning so you can live freely
  • Resolve drama and conflict in your relationships in the moment
  • Make decisions with ease and be comfortable with bold choices
  • Feel relaxed about money and in control of your income
  • Feel confident in your social, professional and romantic life simultaneously
  • Lean into your fear and find magic there

Every month you stay a member you’ll receive:

  • A 1 hour session with an Ask Harriette Coach
  • 1 Ask Harriette training
  • 1 guest training from our incredible experts who are at the absolute top of their game in what they do
  • 1 meditation or spiritual practice

Access your education here:

>>> The School of Mastery <<<

Receive 2 months FREE when signing up for an annual membership.

And don’t forget extra special bonuses for the first 50 and 100 people to enrol. Over 150 were on the wait list. DO NOT DELAY!

So god damn excited for you.

See you in class

My love always



Posted on

October 24, 2019