The story of my tax bill (it scared the shit out of me)


Thursday morning I received an email from my accountant with my tax bill estimate for last year.


I was all ?

Then kinda ?

To ?

And finally ?

Allll the emotions coursed through my body as I processed what I was reading.

The number that stared back at me from the screen was more than I used to make in a whole year. In fact it was more than I what I used to make in several years all combined.


But you know what else is huge?

  • The impact I have on my clients lives
  • The transformation I’ve created for myself & my family
  • The ripple effect of Light Consciousness that has been created as we do this work together

My Executive Assistant said to me

“It’s super inspirational though H… my mindset has changed simply being in your energy and around the Soul Sisters too. You’re leading the way so others can lead their tribes to the point at which everyone everywhere can see the world and their lives differently. That’s why you’re paying XYZ in tax so that in a few years time there will be thousands of people doing the exact same thing you’re doing right now. ?

My coach said to me:

“Every penny on that tax bill represents lives you have changed and transformed by stepping up into your divine self xxx”

Five years ago I was barely making the amount shown in that email. In fact I was DREAMING about making that kinda money in one year.

I had no idea that just five years later, I would be spending that exact amount in one single transaction for my tax bill.

What happened five years ago changed my outlook on life and business forever. It’s the same mindset and consciousness transformation I teach to my clients now.

I was once a girl in her mid 20s blindly navigating the painful reality that my 6 figure business had disappeared over night, I was in monstrous amounts of debt, suffering from anxiety and depression, going through therapy having already tried to commit suicide… and was broken in every possible way a person can be broken. Financially. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Psychologically.

I had gone beyond hot mess and rock bottom.

I was barely existing.

Today I am 30 years old. I am a self-made millionaire. I have a beautiful family and abundant support team. I LOVE my clients and the results and reward we create together.

So today I want to share with you some truths I wish I’d known back then that you can apply to pretty much any difficult situation you’re faced with:

  • There’s always enough money – it will never ever run out (even when it looks like it’s going to)
  • It’s all so much bigger than you
  • It’s not even about you
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • You are destined for great things
  • Your Soul knows best
  • You have a right and responsibility to Abundance
  • Your current reality is only determined by your own beliefs (not any external factors)
  • You can choose differently and choose again and again and again
  • Sometimes ‘bad’ things happen to create space for even better things to come through
  • Consciousness is a choice, not a gift
  • Your mind is your most powerful asset
  • Integrity is everything. Abundance is the reward!

Save these points to a note in your phone and refer back every time you hit a wall or face an obstacle. One of them will help you through.

My love always



Posted on

March 2, 2020