The Honest Truth About Money


I want to be real with you for a second here…

I’m a kick-ass business, money, mindset & soul coach. Not to mention High Priestess. 

I know this as FACT. My truth.


Even I have money wobbles.

Yesterday, for example, I was stressing over booking a holiday to Dubai. Why? Because I had what I call a ‘money wobble’. We all have them all the time. Perfectly normal.

Money wobbles come from a place of ego, a place that wants to keep you safe and protected and will sow seeds of doubt in your mind to stop you spending on the things you really want.

We come up with excuses around necessity (or lack thereof), and we conjure feelings of guilt, and we come up with a million reasons why we can’t have the ‘thing’ and we end up self-sabotaging our way out of alignment.

Yesterday, this was my ‘money wobble’:

I shouldn’t book the holiday BECAUSE

– I’ve just put down a deposit on a brand new £75,000 car (the new Range Rover Velar custom build in case you were wondering)

– I’ve just ordered a custom build media unit for the house

– I’ve already spent a fortune on the house, I should stop spending (seriously, where do we get these ideas of ‘should’ – mental!)

– I want to buy really lavish presents for my loved ones, so I should cut back on things for myself to facilitate it (erm… actually Harriette, that’s the LAST thing you should be doing, idiot)

– I can’t have it all (I mean… what?! I’d completely lost the plot by this point)

So what did I do?

I booked the holiday! First class flights, one of the best hotels in Dubai and luxury car driven chauffeur service to and from the airport, because travelling is stressful enough without managing London traffic.

Oh and I booked the cat into his suite at the kitty hotel. You’re welcome, Alfie.

Listen, I’m not saying any of this to trigger anyone. Although I know it will irritate the crap out of some people. Sorry. I have to be real otherwise I’m not being true to me. I teach from experience, and from learned knowledge.

So why did I book the holiday?

Because all those reasons NOT to book the holiday were absolute utter codswallop! Just rubbish. Just 100% mind conditioned beliefs that are there to hold me back.

It’s a game! And to win you have to play!

The most basic Universal law is this:

If you want more of something you have to give more of that thing.

SO in the case of money… want more… spend more!

But spend in alignment. Spend on things that help you to achieve the vibration that matches the identity of the person you truly want to be.

By the way… this whole idea that you have to search your whole life to find out WHO you are… also crap. You CREATE who you are. So just decide. That simple.

Spend in alignment with who you WANT to be! Call in the abundance now. Live the abundance now. Whenever you invest in your self-development, your heart, your soul, your happiness, and your human experiences, the Universe will always reward you ten times over. Just another Universe law that is simply divine!

Be honest with yourself about money… are you spending in alignment?

Love always

H xx


Posted on

February 29, 2020