Sometimes it’s a job only you can do

Who can relate….?

Since we got back from hosting the Spiritual Money Mindset VIP day in Florida one month ago, the suitcases have been sat by our bedroom door waiting very patiently to be taken back up into the loft.

I have asked. And asked. And been patient. And asked some more. Until my patience ran out.

So this morning, I thought “sod it, I love him, but he’s bloody useless, and he hates that loft just as much as I do”. But I love a spacious clutter free environment more than I hate climbing those dusty ladders and risking cobwebs in my hair. 

So up I went.

Putting things in the loft is supposed to be ‘his’ job. Even growing up it was always Dad’s job to take stuff up to the loft, and bring it back down again.

The comedian Michael Mcintyre does a whole sketch on it. Freaking hilarious! 

I digress. This morning I did the thing I’d been resisting for such a long time.

It meant getting my hands dirty.

It meant getting uncomfortable (especially when I wobbled sideways and nearly fell off the ladder trying to drag unnecessarily heavy luggage up it with one hand).

It meant upsetting my usual routine.

It meant poking around in the dark for the light.

It meant rearranging things to make space.

It meant applying patience.

And washing the dirt off my hands afterwards. Several times. Because I’m a little OCD like that. 

The result = soooo much space and clarity and peace and joy and bliss and feelings of accomplishment.

And the irony… I’ll be going up there again in 8 weeks to get the cases back down for our trip to New York (more info here).

Rick will argue there was no point taking them up (but he’s a man and doesn’t notice suitcases, or takes the slightest interest in my Feng Shui efforts lol).

I will point out that our everyday actions are a reflection of our long term actions, and subsequent outcomes.

If we aren’t willing to go up… if we aren’t willing to shake up the schedule, if we aren’t willing to get a little bit dirty, and uncomfortable, if we aren’t willing to do something beyond the norm, then how can we expect anything to ever change?

How do we ever expect to seek the clarity and accomplishment we so desire?

Routine is great. Normal is great. But is this what you want for you in five years time?

Perhaps it’s time to shake things up.

Don’t be the ‘passer-upper’ (if you haven’t yet watched the comedy sketch about the loft this will make zero sense lol).

Be the one to go up. Be the one to lead the way. Be the way to create the clarity and peace you desire.

BE the change you want to see in the world. 

Peace out love bugs, may the force be with you!

Love always

Harriette x


Posted on

February 25, 2019