Sometimes you only need to be told you can

Sometimes you only need to be told you can

Happy Hump Day

I want to give you permission (I do this quite a lot but it’s freaking powerful)

I want to tell you that you CAN

Sometimes when we’re feeling the itch to expand, wondering what’s coming next, and considering that next big epic goal, we just need to be told that it’s possible!

Let me tell you, you CAN

You can go all the way

You can expand your Soul into realms of consciousness you never previously knew existed

You can pull off the impossible 

You can go places you’ve never been before

You can make money you’ve never made before

You can manifest your wildest dreams

You can do it now (you don’t have to wait)

Last week I closed applications for the Soul Sister Mastermind 2019. Since then we’ve been chatting collectively to pin down our schedule for the coming 5 months, and the magic is already happening despite not having yet booked the first coaching call!

Simply by entering the vibration of possibility magical things begin to happen.

So if you’re not currently in a Soul Support Squad (and trust me you’re going to need one this year… stand by for tomorrow’s email), please go get yourself a space or a container where you have full permission to rise, shine, and be supported in your Soul Expansion.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a coach, or a mastermind, or an online programme. There are plenty of free Facebook groups out there and you can start your own Soul Support Squad (tag me with the hashie #soulsupportsquad @harriettehale on Instagram with the tribe vibes).

If you’re looking for an awesome sauce community of high vibe chat and consciousness, then head over to the Ask Harriette Club on Facebook. I’d love to have you there!

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My love Always 

Hariette x


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February 27, 2019

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