NO = Guaranteed Career Longevity

Happy Friday

As the full moon approaches I feel my own energy expanding and rising, and the energy of all those around me.

This morning I carved out three hours in my schedule just to chat with new and old faces.

Just chat. Virtual coffee vibes.

No selling. Just sharing.

And it was Divine.

It’s funny, as I was sat in the familiar energy of ‘discovery calls’, my ego was waiting for me to deliver the ‘sales pitch’.

But i don’t do sales pitches any more. My Soul finds it hilarious that I ever thought I needed a sales pitch.

I simply share my story, my essence, my energy, and my knowledge.

That’s it. 

And if the lovely men and women I chat to are inclined to know more and receive more, then they invest more, and the beautiful wheel of abundance turns once again… always returning back to us whatever we invest, and more.

And sometimes these beautiful Souls say no.

Sometimes it’s not the right time for them. Sometimes it’s not the right offer. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s just out of alignment.

And that’s OK!

You know why?

Because when we’re doing Soul-based work, there’s no such thing as NO, there’s only such a thing as GUARANTEED CAREER LONGEVITY. 

When a potential client says no, what they really mean is not right no, but definitely one day.

Energetically they are already in your orbit, so it’s only a matter of time before they say yes. The Soul Monadic Contracts of your clients will always manifest eventually.

So when someone says no to me, all I hear is, future client guaranteed, and therefore future income guaranteed, and therefore career longevity guaranteed!

Win. Win. Win.

I love the no’s! I love the yes’s! 

What I’m not so hot on is the maybe’s.

The energy of indecisiveness is a killer!

The more we stew over a decision, the more energy we allow it take from us, and it drains the same creative energy we could be giving to expand the thing we’re considering investing in… i.e. OURSELVES.

We drain ourselves when we stay in indecision. And the more we stay in that space of ‘next time’, or ‘maybe’, or ‘still thinking about it’, the more we drain away our capacity to receive and to step into next level abundance.

If it’s a yes it’s a yes.

If it’s a no it’s a no.

If it’s anything else, for example, ‘want to but can’t’, ‘want to but next time’, ‘want to but scared’, ‘want to BUT…’, then you better believe your Soul is saying yes but your ego is draining your energy.

Plug the leak. Say yes. Do it now.

Whatever that thing is!

That’s all!

My love always



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February 15, 2019