Screw the Patriarchy (vulnerable share)


The pain of conditioned celebrations (like Father’s Day)

Never thought I’d catch myself in a funk about Father’s Day, being as I have one of the most incredible Dad’s in the world. He is my hero. He always will be. 

But being a 31 year old single mother to a 7 month old… Father’s Day has suddenly lost its charm & celebration. 

And for a moment my vibration dropped. Hard. Actually it dropped for a few hours. 

Until I received this message from one of my clients:

A year ago today I effectively wouldn’t let H leave a restaurant until I was in the mastermind. It’s was the biggest, scariest investment I’d ever made, and the most soul led decision I’ve ever made. I THOUGHT I was signing up to a 6 month journey with a clear beginning and end. 

I know now I signed up for a life long journey down the most beautiful, expansive, sometimes painful but always liberating path I’ll never be able to get off even if I wanted to. It was pretty much the day I came home. 

Thank you ❤ love you all xxx

This is Mia. She came to my London event one year ago today. As a VIP she joined me for dinner afterwards. We talked until she jumped in to the Soul Sister Mastermind 2018. She has since gone on to become an Ask Harriette certified coach. This is the message she sent to our Soul Sister Whatsapp chat group… the group we all still pour love into, long after the mastermind has ‘finished’. Because relationships like these never truly end. Soul contracts are for a lifetime. Many lifetimes in fact. 

So Father’s Day has been spent mostly alone with my little one, and as she sleeps, I think, and type. 

I teach that all of life is an illusion, and that patriarchal hype is at the root of all the world’s current problems. 

The Patriarchy tells me this:

  • At 31 I should be married to the father of my child
  • I should have given our relationship more space & time to get through the first year of our child’s life
  • Mum, Dad & baby is how it’s supposed to be
  • Single mothers are somehow embarrassing, awkward & taboo
  • Father’s Day is a day in which we celebrate everyone who is a father
  • And we spend money on this day, and go out to public places to show how proud we are of our family units

And my ego ‘knows’ this, and yearns for the fairytale image. (I use ‘knows’ lightly because the ego actually knows fuck all)

My Soul is screaming at me to open my eyes. My real eyes. The eyes which see the world for what it really is. 

A hologram. An illusion. A game. 

But in my game I get to make the rules. 

I’m not a sheep. I won’t follow and I won’t conform. I will listen to my Soul first and do what’s right for me, before I succumb to any kind of vibration or conditioning which doesn’t serve me.

And I know my relationship with him (the father of our little angel), just like the one with Mia, is for lifetimes, no matter how society wish to judge or label it. Even if it doesn’t conform to the ‘norm’. 

The Aquarian Age tells me this:

  • Love is boundless, limitless & accessible to everyone
  • Relationships aren’t conditional or dependent on anything other than the Soul Monadic Contract which is agreed upon before we’re even born
  • We are all single. The completion comes from within, not through an external relationship. 
  • Every day is a celebration, for millions of reasons. 
  • Spend money on what serves the greatest highest good of all humanity
  • Everything is a human physical emotional experience
  • Experiences feed us so we can serve

So let me take my experience and serve you this:

You don’t subscribe to anyone or anything which doesn’t serve your greatest & highest good

If it doesn’t work for you, change the rules

You are the leader of your own life, start leading

Everything happens for a reason

And, if it’s all just an illusion… have fun with it. Learn to play!

My love always



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June 16, 2019