Do you need a little love & devotion?


Let me love on you

I’ve been a little hard recently, delivering some difficult truths, triggering lots of people, and talking about really really uncomfortable topics.

This is my job babe. I’m not here to be liked, I’m here to change your life. But I understand that consistent slaps in the face can be hard work. 

As a planet we’re experiencing a lot of heightened emotions at the minute… fear, jealousy, envy, frustration. Tact and diplomacy are lacking and we’re very reactive, easily triggered, and highly charged. 

And I’ve been pushing your pain points. To get a reaction out of you. To show you the most unloved parts of yourself so you can heal at a deeper level and shift into higher consciousness. 

Forgive me … I do it because I care, & because I’m hell bent on changing your life for the better. 

I feel like you need a different kind of message though so here goes:

You are amazing

Everything you’re going through right now is an expression of your past experiences culminating in a co-created reality

You can achieve anything you put your mind to

Even though it’s hard sometimes, you are more than capable, in fact you haven’t been given anything you can’t handle

You are loved & appreciated

Showing yourself how much you care about you is totally necessary. Please do this for yourself. 

You are an asset to our planet

We (the collective consciousness) asked you to be born so you could be you

You are a Soul within a body, and your Soul knows what to do

Consciousness is the key to cracking this thing we call life

I know you’re not yet enrolled in the Money Consciousness Crash Course. I’m not going to bully you into it. 

But if you’re feeling the love, and you’re realising you need this, we start in just a few hours.

You have lifetime access to the replays so you can watch anytime, you don’t have to start today. And this is the only time I’m running this, so accept this gift from me. You deserve it. 

£99 to change your life.

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My love always



Posted on

June 13, 2019