Why we have wishes and dreams (a reminder)


What have you wished for recently?

Wishing and dreaming are part of the human condition, yet so many of us shun our desires in favour of pursuing more sensible paths in life. 

From simple things like wishing for the sun to come out, to deeper desires for true love, financial freedom, and recognition, we all experience layers of conditioning which cause us to ignore our dreams & suppress the Soul voice within. 

Did you know your wishes & dreams are your Soul’s way of communicating with you? Urging you back on to the path of your Soul Destiny Blueprint. 

Remembrance is one of the greatest challenges of life. Too quickly after we’re born we forget why we even arrived here in the first place. The conditioning and control takes over, and the ego forms its cerebral operating system, making decisions and taking actions based on data analysis of experience, instead of listening to the intuitive Soul-led EGS (emotional guidance system).

We are only capable of truly desiring what is already mapped into our destiny blueprint. So next time you catch yourself dismissing your dreams and wishesas too big, fanciful or impossible, remember that your Soul is trying to speak to you through your desires & emotions. Listen!

You are a Soul within a body and your Soul knows what to do. 

If you want it, you can have it. Only your conditioning stands in the way.

Remembrance is the challenge. Not the size of the dream. 

Remember you can have it all. Remember you’re here to have an incredible life. Remember your Soul knows best. Remember anything that doesn’t serve you you don’t have to listen to. 

Go for your dreams & wishes. Go without apology. Go with the power of your truth. 

And fuck everything else. 

My love always




Posted on

June 17, 2019