Responding to hate mail and bullshit


Hey babe

Happy Saturday

I’ve received a LOT of hate mail this week.

As a company we’ve put a lot of money behind facebook ads, driving traffic to the Priestess Collective (the free conscious community I put together as part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic), and to one of my free trainings, ‘how to get truly debt free ’. Naturally this has brought a lot of new faces into my world and not all have gratefully received the work I offer so generously, or the financial investment I make (upwards of £5000 a month) in Facebook ads to ensure my free teachings get into the hands of as many people as possible.

The latest keyboard warrior attacked me as ‘fucking priestess who talks too much new age bullshit, ranting about mother nature, offering no help at all’ and advised I ‘get a life and stop mis-selling and mis-leading people just because I need to sell my course’. She assured me she’s been trying to change her life, and doing the damn work to get her life back, but she’s been in the same shit for the last 6 years and people like me simply don’t help.

➡️Can you see the disparity in her words?

Around the same time I received a three minute voice note from an old client on Instagram professing how bad her personal situation is , how wrong I am about the government bailout schemes, and how she’s gone from making 3-5k a month in her business, to now having to survive off £500. This is the same client who was claiming last year she couldn’t afford to pay for the programme she enrolled in because she wasn’t even making 3k in her business yet, and accused my team of mis-selling her into a programme which was designed for clients making upwards of 20k a year.

➡️Do you see the disparity in her words?

The hate mail I receive, and the victim stories that are poured on to me (quite ignorantly from people who believe it’s OK to demand my time through unsolicited voice notes) are energetic allergic reactions to the triggers I spark.

I’m not sorry I trigger people, although I sometimes wish I didn’t have to. It’s a thankless job.

My clients (the grateful ones), ask me all the time why I bother responding to the pity parties, the victim spiels, and the hate mail. The answer is simple:

It’s part of my job. I’m a Priestess. And that requires doing other people’s dirty work for them to help facilitate mass awakening and ascension. It means catalysing the self-healing process, and journeying with that person if they decide to come closer into my world.

?It also means standing in my truth and showcasing that so others can see it’s safe to do the same.

?It also means NOT having disparity in my words and my actions.

?I advocate rights and responsibilities. So I walk that.

?I preach money flow. So I walk that.

?I teach personal responsibility, authentic alignment, and integrity. So I walk that.

?If I didn’t respond to hate mail, I’d be shying away from the power of my presence.

?If I didn’t trigger the crap out of people and call bullshit on the pity parties, I’d be dishonouring my Soul’s work.

?If I didn’t consistently keep showing up, sharing, teaching, guiding, and putting myself in the firing line, I couldn’t call myself the High Priestess of Light and the leading Consciousness coach in the world.

I don’t NEED to do anything. I don’t NEED to sell, I don’t NEED to respond to anyone, I don’t NEED to show up every day. I certainly don’t NEED to keep putting myself in uncomfortable situations.

I do it because I know my service serves others. 

Being uncomfortable, and being triggered are good things!!

Doing things that you initially meet with resistance is a good thing. A little bit of wounding is actually good for us. It makes us stronger. It heals deeper trauma. It gives us life experience that we can learn from.

The problems come when we don’t move through the trigger, or realise the lesson the trigger is trying to teach us. Worse still is when people use spiritual by-passing to completely ignore the trigger and validate their pity party, but I’ll speak to that tomorrow.

If you’re feeling wounded, triggered, frightened, or anxious, lean into that… what is your pain trying to show you? What are you resisting? Push yourself into it. There might just be some magic on the other side. 

And for the love of all things Divine, if you’re resisting joining the School of Mastery, please stop… your resistance is trying to teach you something massive… the answer will likely be inside the School of Mastery! Oh the irony!

Doors close in a few days!

>>> Join the School of Mastery <<<

My love always



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April 18, 2020