Spiritual bypassing coronavirus (is now a thing ffs)


Heard something brilliant this week…

“Harriette, I can’t make payments I owe people because Spirit told me to contemplate my navel instead… because you know… corona. I know I could be working on my business right now to bring money in but that’s not what Spirit wants me to do.”


Spirit… would NEVER encourage someone to shy away from their right and responsibility to abundance. That breaks a fundamental Law… the Law of Abundance.

Fortunately this particular person is enrolled in an Ask H course which has the capacity to make thousands of pounds, instantly, in fact many people from that course are doing exactly that (you may have seen all the success stories I’ve been sharing on Instagram), so I’ve guided this person quite firmly back to their studies and implementation! Phew!

But how many other people are making excuses like this when they’ve got abundant resources and support at their finger tips?!

Yes we are living in weird times.

Yes there’s a whole heap of mixed advice out there. Some good. Some bad.

Yes I have personally advised setting aside time to stop, listen, and sit with Spirit. BUT NOT INDEFINITELY. Not to the point of breaking any Universal Laws, and more recently I have been advising creating momentum (not that my advice has to be taken as gospel, obviously, you take what works for you and leave the rest, this isn’t a dictatorship).

I’ve witnessed some other jaw-dropping spiritual bypassing too:

“My business has been taken from me by coronavirus, so I guess I’ll just wait it out until Spirit tell me what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my life”

“I guess I wanted more time and space in my life… should have been more careful what I wished for *poor me*”

“Unfortunately I don’t have a team in my business yet, so I guess I just wasn’tdestined to be successful, I’ll never survive coronavirus”

“I’m sending love and light to all the front line workers. I’m doing my bit.” (I hope you can see how this is seriously NOT ENOUGH!)

“I don’t have an 8 in my chart so abundance clearly isn’t meant for me” (please ffs go see one of my recent numerology graduates, they will set you straight)

… and then there’s all the people still chilling with Netflix and waiting for further instruction from their government.

DUDE ? I am not judging, but seriously…. wake the fuck up!!

When did you sell your Soul to coronavirus?!

No one took away your inspiration, or your laptop / smart phone / computer, or digital technology, or your voice, your life experience, your Soul purpose, your brain, your heart, your desire to contribute (I know it’s under there somewhere)… basically no one took away anything you need right now to show up, serve, and make some god damn money for yourself. 

You have a right and a responsibility to abundance. 

You have a right and a responsibility to contribute. 

You have a right and a responsibility to learn & heal. 

You have a right and a responsibility to USE THE GOD DAMN LIFE YOU WERE GIVEN.

Guess who gave you that life?!


Or God / Universe / Source / Mom & Dad / Yourself, whatever the fuck you want to believe.

You were given a life so you could contribute and make the world a better place. 

Sitting on your ass waiting for Spirit / Someone / The Bank / The Government / Your Mom / Me  to deliver a miracle… are you out of your god damn mind?!

I know it can feel hard right now.

I also know it can feel blissful.

I know there’s moments of panic.

I also know there’s moments of gratitude.

I know it can be up, down, and all over the place. 

I get that. 

But here’s something that some people aren’t getting…. the responsibility falls to YOU. 

The choice falls to YOU.

You want something different? DO something different.

Join the School of Mastery. 

Or another programme.

Whatever floats your boat.

But if you’re really spiritual / conscious / sensitive / whatever / or not… get some help. Seriously. Not from your spirit team, but from other human beings who can actually support you. In real life. In the 3D realms.

No one is getting through this on their own. NO ONE. Not even me. We all need someone. And I’m spiritual as fuck, but trust me, we all need a bit more than divine guidance right now. We need each other.

Get in a room with people (a virtual one, because social distancing). Get in a container. Let real people be the reflection that you need right now. And show up in those rooms and be prepared to be triggered, wounded, and then healed.

I’m paying upwards of 10k a month for my room. The School of Mastery is £29 a month, and it’s pretty damn good.

Doors close in a few days:

>>> Join the School of Mastery <<<

My love always



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April 19, 2020