Should you be selling or spending right now?!


Should you be selling or spending right now?!

Ahhh the question on everyone’s lips. I hear you my fellow entrepreneur… we’re so far into lockdown now with no honest end in sight (everyone’s governments are telling them different things), and with so many jobs lost, so many brick and mortar businesses closed, the only ones left standing appear to be the front line workers (if you can call that standing, bless their strength & courage, it’s incredible), and the online entrepreneurs.

So what do we do? Keep selling? Keep earning? Keep living the virtual good life? We’re all pretty used to working from home and dictating our own hours anyway, for a lot of us not a great deal has changed.

Or, should we be a little more sensitive towards those who don’t have any surplus cash right now? And just do everything for free from a place of guilt and shame?

The answer: neither

Sensitivity is required. Consciousness is necessary. Being a Light is non-negotiable.

If you half-ass something because you’re scared of judgement, or if you only show up half way, what kind of energy are you putting out into the world? Not the type that’s helping anything, trust me!

We’ve hit an all or nothing crossroads at this stage in humanity, and the divide between the fearfully conditioned, and the bold radical thinkers is growing.

You’re either ALL. or NOTHING. 

And don’t get me wrong, doing nothing right now is not a bad shout either. If you can afford to do that, if your Soul is calling you to do that, then god almighty, do it, because the last thing you want to be doing right now is ignoring your Soul.

One of the many reasons we arrived in this mess is because people didn’t listen to their Souls, and even of those who did listen, many chose not to obey. That’s a dangerous game to play with the Universe.

However, if you’re feeling the call to serve. Follow it. Follow it hard. Follow it all the way, and go ALL IN. We need that kind of energy in the world. We also have a right and responsibility to abundance, which means a responsibility to do our bit for the economies that are crashing down around us.

Selling is of high service. Spending is of high service. Keeping money in flow is of high fucking service. Service pays bills. 

This is Universal LAW. (Hop into my Facebook live this afternoon to learn about Universal Money Law).

If you’re half-assing your offerings, your business or your service right now, you need to get in my energy, fast, and learn how to do life and business the Priestess way. We don’t half ass anything. (OK sometimes I do, and then my team kick my ass and I jump right back in).

If you’re terrified of spending money right now, or investing in anything other than loo roll, you need to get in my energy fast, and learn how to do life and money the Priestess way. That is something I NEVER half-ass. No need for team ass kickings where money is concerned.

If you’re subscribing to fear, disappearing down conspiracy rabbit holes, wondering what the fuck to do with this time in your life on lockdown, you need to get in my energy, fast, and learn how to do life, business, money, and all the things, the Priestess Way.

Did I make myself clear? All or nothing. Are you in or out? (There’s only one right answer).

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April 17, 2020