Once Upon a Time – A Fairytale


I want to share a fairytale with you, but not one you’re familiar with, and one that doesn’t have to stay “make believe”.

My husband and I have been binge watching “Once Upon A Time” on Netflix with our evenings recently – if you haven’t seen it and would like some light hearted escapism with clever, funny, epicly serendipitous back stories to your favourite fairytale characters, I highly recommend it.

But as I was watching last night, my mind started to wander…

We grow up listening to these timeless tales as we fall asleep at night, on rainy Saturday afternoons, playing them out with tiny friends, and we learn something that travels with us throughout life.

There is good. And there is evil.

There are heroes. And there are villains.

Good always wins.

Heroes get happy endings. Villains do not.

This black and white thinking plagues us into adulthood. Primed as we are to seek acceptance and survive we automatically view ourselves as the heroes, and anyone with a different viewpoint as the villain.

You’re for masks or you’re against masks.

You’re liberal or you’re conservative.

You speak up or you condemn via your silence.

You care or you are heartless.

You agree with me or you don’t.

If you agree you’re a hero, if you don’t you’re a villain.

There’s no room for nuance, or complexity, or individual circumstance. There’s no room to accept or even entertain that rather than good vs bad, we’re just human. Doing human things.

We’ve not been taught to empathise with the idea that good people can do bad things, and bad people can do good things. Which results in everyone tightrope walking through life from their own personal moral high ground. Separated from each other. Demonising each other. Fearing each other. 

We’re still playing out a fairytale.

Only now, it’s not harmless fun before dinner time, it’s fucking up the Planet. So let me write a different version…

Once Upon A Time there was a light. That light had a desire; to raise the vibration of the Planet and contribute to the collective consciousness for the highest and greatest good of all.

So that light incarnated, and became human.

It absorbed love & nourishment from its Mother, grew into a big human and experienced lots of different emotions and feelings, influenced by the other humans it met and the lessons, stories and encounters it had.

Through these experiences, it developed its neutral mind. It could see the value in all humans, no matter what their experience, viewpoint or history. It could practice compassion with an understanding that there is no right or wrong, only alignment and misalignment. It could make decisions based on independent, critical thought with the only goal to act for the highest and greatest good of self, and therefore of all. Because it understood that we’re all one. 

And it experienced richness. Richness beyond anything ever depicted in the stories written before it came to Earth. It embodied wealth in its very essence, running through its cells, pumping through its heart and radiating out through its Word.

It wanted for nothing, and it experienced everything. Spiritual and material abundance manifested itself without effort. Because it knew how to express its Divinity. 

Through its richness, it raised its vibration, and the vibration of all other humans around it, and in turn, the Planet itself. The planet healed, humanity healed. And everyone lived happily ever after.


Sounds good right? And it’s all possible with The Rich Mentality.

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July 29, 2020