Nothing can be built on a foundation of stress, panic or anxiety (here’s how to shift out of it)


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I had a question presented to me today:

“How do I deal with my anxiety around my finances?”

Here’s my answer. 

Get Money Conscious. 

Only getting money conscious isn’t exactly straight forward (unless you happen to already be enrolled in my programme, in which case you don’t need to read this), so here’s how I broke it down.

  1. Take personal responsibility for your status quo. You are fully responsible for the experience you find yourself in. We need to eradicate all blame here. If you’re still validating your negative situation because of something that happened TO you, then you’re not being conscious, and you’re going to keep attracting more negative opportunities, that you will receive as things happening TO you.
  2. Realise that nothing ever happens TO you, it’s all actually happening FOR you, but you’re going to need a perspective shift to see this.
  3. Enter into the perspective of “the other”. From this third person perspective you will be able to apply consciousness and see the root of the anxiety (because it’s not actually money at all), and also be able to see routes out of your predicament.
  4. Take inspired and consistent action to baby step your way from where you are to where you want to be. The power of incremental upgrades is huge at this point. 
  5. Rinse and repeat the ever loving crap out of the consciousness hacks you just developed. 

Need more guidance and support on HOW to do all of this?

The doors have opened for the Money Consciousness Method.

This programme is my life’s work. I have invested so much time, energy & experience into this four module container (with insane bonuses that are worth more than the course itself). I truly believe this is the answer to everyone’s current financial predicaments. 

Working on money mindset used to be enough. But the world changed. Literally. And now it’s not enough to improve your money mindset, because other aspects of life can bring that to a halt if they become imbalanced. We need consciousness as a whole life system. Yes this is a Money Consciousness training programme, but the Consciousness fundamentals taught in module one will impact all areas of your life in the most incredible ways. 

Consciousness pulls you out of all negative vibrations. That’s what Consciousness is. True connection to Source, in which you basically float through life effortlessly figuring out all the things because you’re elevated into a completely different vibration. Consciousness is a commitment. But it’s actual freedom. 

I choose, in this programme, to apply it to Money, because I know when you’re not stressing about money, all other aspects of your life have the space and energy required to evolve and advance as they’re meant to. 

Money is one of the biggest headache-inducers of our human lives. It’s our source of stability and security. If we don’t have that, we panic. 

And nothing can be built on a foundation of panic, stress or anxiety. 

So, if you’re done spinning plates, and want to tell yourself a different story. This is where you need to be:

> Getting Money Conscious <

My love always



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June 5, 2019