How is a Conscious life different to any other life?


Honestly I have to be real here

I’m only a few days in to the biggest launch of my life, and I’ve already exceeded every launch goal I’ve ever achieved. And I’m well on track to more than x4 my previous launch achievements. 

There’s only one thing that has changed in this launch compared to my last launch:

I got Money Conscious AF

And what that means in real terms, is despite all of this:

  • I recently split up from my fiancé, the father of my 6 month old daughter
  • I found a lump in my left breast (thankfully it’s not cancerous)
  • The nanny I rely on to take care of my baby during the day is away for 9 days (getting married… just to rub salt in the wound)
  • I chucked £10,000 at Facebook ads even though it scared the shit out of me
  • I invested £30,000 in a coach to keep me accountable 
  • And I’m jumping on a plane to LA half way through the launch

… I’m not even remotely wobbled, and earning mega mega money. 

My emotions are in check, and on point. NOTHING is getting in the way of the success of this launch.

Why? How?

Because I’m doing it with Money Consciousness.

It literally makes ALL the difference in the world for my life, my business, and my emotional wellbeing. 

I am on freaking cloud nine. Everything makes sense. I see life for what it really is. I’m able to call in clients & money on demand. With my Consciousness. 

This is honestly magic like I’ve never experienced before. And I want to teach you how to do it too!

No more excuses. No more staying stuck. No more letting things get in the way. 

When you’re Money Consciousness, life is easy, breezy, and abundant!

Curious to know more?

>>> This Is How You Get Money Consciousness In Your Life <<<

Check it out and ping me back with your questions. If you don’t jump in straight away, I want to know what is holding you back?

I’m here to help you. You deserve easy and effortless abundance. You have a right and a responsibility to abundance.

What would life look like if you were never stressed out or wobbled again? Just imagine it. I’m living it. It’s possible.

>>> This Is How You Get Money Consciousness In Your Life <<<

My love always



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June 5, 2019