It’s time to transform your Abundance journey


I don’t often blog on Sundays but there’s something on my Soul I need to share with you

If there’s anything I’m a master at, it’s teaching, and there’s not much I love more than teaching about money

  • Earning it
  • Saving it
  • Spending it
  • Receiving it
  • Investing it
  • Leveraging it
  • Creating it
  • Dispersing it
  • Understanding it
  • Freeing it from patriarchal bull crap

For years I have been heralded as the leading Money Mindset Expert & Coach in the UK. I earned that title fair and square. I’m shit hot at what I do. I understand money to the very core of its vibration. And there’s something new I need to share with you about the energy of money:


Because we have changed. Humanity evolved (about bloody time). The Planet shifted her vibration. We sped up. It’s Aquarian Age vibes, which means, in a nutshell…

The way we make, create & disperse money has changed. 

Money used to be tied up and controlled by the church, the government, the new world order (if you believe in that), mega corporations, corrupt organisations etc etc etc.

I predicted massive changes were coming as of March 2019 as the Planet shifted yet again. 

I foresaw burnings of churches, the fall of several network marketing companies, huge governmental upheaval in many countries, “the rug being pulled from under” pretty much all of us in some capacity, and so much more. 

These events, changes, and shock horror moments are necessary. It’s part of our evolution. And as much as you may have witnessed and experienced some horrific things so far this year, trust me when I tell you, they are all actually blessings. 

As a result, money has changed. 

Which is why tomorrow I’m announcing a brand new training programme: The Money Consciousness Method

You definitely need to get your hands on this. You’ll be amongst the first in the world to receive this new knowledge. 

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This programme is a huge advancement on my previous signature programme, the Money Mindset System, because it’s what you need and deserve. 

You have a right and a responsibility to Abundance. And that responsibility part means understanding the following:

  • How money actually works (not what the patriarchy will have you believe)
  • What money is and what it isn’t
  • How credit actually works and how to leverage it
  • Knowing what you’re a vibrational match for
  • Recognising and working with your Destiny blueprint
  • Honouring your Soul values & intentions
  • Why the patriarchy exists and what is coming for all of humanity
  • Our matriarchal history & why remembering it is necessary

You refute your right and responsibility to Abundance by claiming you know everything there is to know about money, and by rejecting the opportunity to learn more and expand.

You have been on the journey to abundance for your entire lifetime. But here the journey changes. It’s time to upgrade. 

Stand by for tomorrow!

And in the meantime, if you haven’t yet caught up on the 5 Day Challenge Money Consciousness Training, and the Debt Masterclass, then you can grab all six videos here and fill ya’ boots!

>>> All on the Sunday binge watching catch up vibes! <<<

Check out what others have said about the results they’ve experienced in the last week since joining the free training:

“Do you really know how much my life has expanded in less than a week?? I am so grateful…I will never be the same..I am truly and richly blessed.” – Kim

“Just watched the replay again and wow! I’m continuously blown away every time Harriette shares these downloads with us.” – Emma


Thank you for an amazing session. Loved it!!!” – Michael

“Keep being you H and bringing the passion and universe tot he masses. You are absolutely crushing it!” – John

“Thank You for answering my questions…I feel so good now and energy is different since watching you.. you touched me in so many ways, and especially with the Day 2 looking at debt, credit cards, loans etc. as another form of abundance. I look forward to more classes.. I want to dive deeper because I need my life to change right now today…Thank you Harriette” – Sabrina

I’m always here in service. And my intention for you is to educate you and enlighten you when it comes to money, because you deserve that life of financial freedom I know you desire.

My love always



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June 5, 2019