I lied about money and sex


OK, so real life story.

Yesterday I saw my acupuncturist in the morning. She asked the usual questions, and then she said:

Her: Harriette, are you having regular intercourse?

Me: Yes

Her: How often? Once a week?

Me: Um

Her: More often? Twice a week?

Me (in my head): Christ no, more like twice a day!!

Me (outloud): Erm more like 4 times a week

Me (in my head): Why the fuck did I just lie about that? What’s wrong with having sex twice a day? Red flag. Process your nonsense later. Just get the needles.

Later on that day, Stephen and I walk into a high street bank to set up a joint bank account. He’s already a client of said bank, so it’s just me that has to go through the application process.

Bank manager lady: What’s your net monthly income? After tax. Your take home pay?

Me: £35,000

Her: No, monthly

Me: Yes, that’s monthly

Her: Oh. Er. OK (pulls a face that I can’t quite read because mine is now going bright red).

Me (in my head): Christ almighty, what if I’d told her the truth? Why the fuck didn’t I tell her the truth? What is wrong with you today woman? That’s the second time you’ve down played yourself for the benefit of other people.

(for your clarity… I pay myself more than 35k a month)

So last night I had a little sit down with my ego.

Soul self: Dude, what the fuck is up with you today?

Ego self: We’re being too expansive right now, and it’s icky and weird. Life shouldn’t be this good.

Soul self: Humour me. What should it be like?

Ego self: Well you know… more complicated… harder… less abundant.

Soul self: Sure. So what about the Universal Law that states we have a right and a responsibility to abundance?

Ego self: *silence*

Soul self: I’m waiting

Ego self: You’re going to write about this aren’t you? And tell all the people on Instagram aren’t you?

Soul self: Yes. Yes I am.

Ego self: For fucks sake. Just don’t sell them anything. This is not a sales pitch.

Soul self: You’re right, it’s not, but it is a fucking expansive invitation for people to step into my energy and transform their lives so the only conversations they have to have with their egos, are the ones about TOO MUCH SEX AND TOO MUCH MONEY.

Because that’s a good fucking problem to have right?!

Ready to level up your problems? Your bank balance? And even your sex life?

Step right in honey. Priestess at your service.

We have a handful of spots left in the Soul Money Mastermind. And a handful of 1:1 spots left too. Oh, and that miracle Priestess Pod spot that opened up yesterday! All yours for the taking. 

Now how seriously are you going to take your equinox commitment to transform? Buckle down and get laser focused. You can have what you want but you need to do the work, make the commitment, and create the accountability if you’re going to have it before the years out.

Let’s talk about how I can best serve you. It doesn’t matter where you are in life and business, I have a space for you in my energy, a space in which you can transform with a little Priestess magic, some seriously kick ass coaching, and a tribe & team at your back supporting you.

>>> Let’s Do This <<<

My love always



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September 25, 2019