Harnessing the power of the Autumn Equinox


Happy Autumn Equinox! May this be the most powerful Monday of your year!

This Equinox follows a huge Karmic summer in which Saturn retrograded our asses deep into the past to relive all our old mistakes, beliefs, regrets and behaviours, so that we could release everything that won’t help us as we move into the next chapter of our lives.

There have been shifts in the area of relationships for many of us. Relationships with loved ones, clients, family members, friends, enemies, peers, and even with ourselves, and our money.

To harness the power of this equinox, start by reliving the last few months and ask yourself which patterns have emerged (or re-emerged) and triggered you / caused you to experience intense emotions / created angst and instability in your life. These are the karmic patterns which were ready to be broken. Hopefully by now you’ve made some headway into breaking those cycles for good. If not, you have until October 3rd to learn the lessons you were meant to learn as Pluto moves through the final retrograde phase.

Allow everything that doesn’t serve you to fall away as leaves fall away from the trees. Give yourself full unapologetic permission to LET IT ALL GO. Don’t allow the petty things to anger you, the triggering things to upset you, or the things you can’t control to consume you. It’s time to shed all that weight.

And then it’s time to get super clear on your intentions for the final quarter of 2019.

As the days draw colder and shorter in the northern hemisphere, it’s an opportunity for our energy and our focus to become sharper. We have the capacity to increase our productivity and get more done in less time as long as we are super clear about what it is we intend to achieve in the coming months.

Whether it’s financial, romantic, opportunist, or developmental, your goals and intentions need to have laser-focused clarity. 

Ask yourself…

?What do I want and why? Where does this desire come from? What will I do with the outcome? How does it serve the greatest and highest good?

?And make doubly sure… is this actually what I want? Are these my desires?

?What do I need to let go of from the Karmic summer to ensure I achieve my desires?

?Which patterns do I need to break?

?What can I do differently?

?How do I think differently?

?What anchors can I put in place to ensure I hold myself accountable to my intentions and desires?

?What will my daily, weekly and monthly practices be?

?What are the small steps I can take? And what are the huge scary leaps I can take?

?What can I promise to do for the Universe if she helps me co-create this desire? How do I serve her through all of my desire?

Write it all down. And then when you sleep tonight, as you drift into altered consciousness, allow yourself to imagine the world beginning to turn on a wheel, as Mama Earth shifts us gently through the equinox portal and into the next chapter of our lives.

Want to get super intentional and accountable for your desires this next quarter?

Hire a Priestess. It really is the most effective way. 

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September 23, 2019