I got mansplained (and what I want you to do about it)


Last night I received some unsolicited advice from a Facebook “friend” (someone I’ve never actually met or have any form of connection with).

He wrote:

Wow – it’s been what seems like a life time since we spoke and from reading our previous messages and seeing that video, I can see how I’m an entirely different person from then now. It seems you are also, but maybe not for the better. I get what you’re trying to do. I believe deep down the message you have is one the world needs. However, your delivery is wrong. Hence why your reach isn’t a huge one. People unconsciously see “it” and it turns them off , Miss Harriet Samantha Hale.

I wish you all the best success, 



I immediately took the conversation public to my personal Facebook profile and allowed the onslaught to begin.

Clearly the poor man had no idea who he was taking on or which ring he’d stumbled in to, but a word to the wise… do not challenge a Priestess. You will not win. And women will appear in droves to have her back and fan the flames whilst the patriarchal conditioning is burned out of you.

I eventually took pity on him and ousted the fire, but the conversation continued behind closed doors amongst the men and women who were horrified by his display of Patriarchy.

One lady articulated it brilliantly:

“I mean why, when all they really want to do is tear down female success to make themselves feel better, do they even bother to wrap it up in an “advice” bow?”

The desire to tear down female success, female leadership, and female power, is just as strong as it once was. Depriving the world of the Divine Feminine is the only way to ensure the longevity of the Patriarchy. And they are really trying, bless them. Although it’s looking pretty dire from where I’m sitting.

And for clarities sake… the Divine Feminine exists in men and women. This is not a man hating campaign. Unfortunately the absence of Divine Feminine is more apparent in men than it is in women so this battle can be easily misconstrued as men vs. women, but women can also be found guilty of doing exactly the same thing as Sam. We just call it being bitchy, instead of mansplaining.

Telling someone that the way they choose to do life or business is “wrong” is a fundamental perspective issue that needs to be addressed, and fixed. Quickly. 

There is nothing “wrong” with anything you do in life and business, unless of course you’re bringing actual harm to another person, be that emotionally, psychologically, physically, sexually, spiritually, or any other way.

“Wrong” is just an opinion when it exists outside of the Universal Laws.

“Wrong” as an opinion is toxic, destabilising, harmful, and destructive.

“Wrong” as a criticism or judgement, projected on to another, is the expansion and exacerbation of a negative energy that didn’t need to exist in the first place.

But instead of healing the negative energy that exists within, the patriarchally conditioned choose instead to project it, and expand it, thereby causing more negativity in the world.

And then along comes Priestess and her tribe, and save his sorry ass from more future condemning from others who perhaps might not be so kind.

So is this the call of the modern day human? To add ‘ousting mansplaining fires’ to the already super human to do list?

Yes. Actually. It is something I want you to add.

I want you to understand that your job in this world is so much more than your 9-5 or your business or raising your family.

You are here for two very clear reasons. Reasons I will never grow tired of repeating:

  1. To have a human physical emotional experience
  2. To use that experience to contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest and highest good of all humanity

So when you bear witness to hate, or judgement, or unnecessary negativity wrapped in a bow of ‘advice’, I want you to invite kindness, curiosity, and compassion. Balance the negativity with positivity. Don’t add to the smear campaign of a misguided individual… We’re all victims of Patriarchal conditioning. But do try to understand the individual, offer a different perspective, one that comes from Love not fear, and put out a fire if you need to.

Be brave, be bold, be unapologetically yourself. Follow your truth with conviction, with vigour, and with pride. Be prepared to not always get it right, but commit to always being honest and heartfelt.

And please, for the love of all, be KIND and never ever criticise another. You have no place and no right to project negativity onto another Soul. In doing that you break one of the fundamental Universal Laws.

And as the sole bringer of the Universal Laws to this planet, as High Priestess, I can guarantee I will find your sorry ass, and raise your vibration so hard, you’ll have motion sickness for weeks. And you can also bet you’ll be damn fucking grateful I appeared to save you from yourself before someone else took you out by your knee caps.

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Love always



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September 27, 2019