This one is for my online entrepreneurs – Conscious Launching!


Are you an online entrepreneur? As in do you have a website, do you appear online, and is this one of the ways in which you make money?

If yes then you will probably be familiar with the concept of “launching”, and perhaps even painfully familiar with the sounds of crickets that can often follow the announcement of a new product or service.

I remember all too well the agony of that feeling, especially when you’ve invested so much time & effort into your business baby.

Sulking on the sofa and talking to the wine glass how about how life isn’t fair, and how no one is eve going to pay you for what you do… right? Been there!


The shock and disbelief after a whole week of showing up to do Facebook lives and sending emails every day, and EVEN having people tell you they’re interested, to then end the sale or close the cart with a grand total of zero fucking sales. WTF. And then enters the wine. 

With Money Consciousness, this does not have to be the case. 

Let me give you some examples of clients who have transformed launching failures with Money Consciousness:

#1 Suzy (not her real name but she didn’t want to share her identity), launched an online monthly membership subscription, followed the standard launch script (freebie – trip wire – core offer), and had zero sales.  

Instead of getting panicked and disappointed, we mapped out a Money Conscious turnaround, and instead decided to take some of the content and create a higher priced bundle of offerings, and launched that almost straight away. 

17 people signed up. She had her highest earning month ever. 

#2 Gemma (also not a real name) relaunched an online course she’d always had incredible success with, and we were pretty much guaranteed great results, because we had a tried and tested formula that had worked repeatedly. Only this time, she also had, zero sales. 

Befuddled (but not panicked) we went back to the drawing board and applied the Money Consciousness Method. Through this process we established she had outgrown her current offerings because her Soul had expanded beyond the vibration of that course. So she created and launched a whole new business. 

The result? Happy Gemma. Happy clients. Happy bank account!

The thing is with Money Consciousness, it really is the answer to everything, because from a place of Consciousness we can see all the answers without our emotions creeping in and taking over. EVERYTHING is a fun challenge… at worst. At best, it’s a freaking playground.

Money Consciousness will teach you conscious launching, conscious strategy, conscious communication, conscious analysis, conscious creativity, and conscious money making. 

Obviously the method can be used for anyone, with our without a business. But if you’re a biz owner and you’re reading this thinking “fuck I’d like to be able to turn a shit show into a glitter storm like that”, well then you need to be registering here:

>>> The Money Consciousness Method <<<

My love always



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June 5, 2019