Have you been overcomplicating the crap out of money?


OH hey!

I’m back baby!

I took a whole week off for some deep healing after spraining my wrist… read: doing too bloody much and not taking my own medicine, so I was forced to slow the ‘eff down to receive some mega magic.

Magic which will be delivered to you THIS MONTH in the most kick ass money training you’ve ever seen in your life! Oh yes. 

But first, something incredibly fun and exciting!

The Abundance Games!

You may have already heard news of this from my team as they took over my Instagram for a while in my absence (legit couldn’t even hold my phone to film, let alone type, so I had to fully surrender), but we’ve been getting super excited about a new challenge we’ve created that starts tomorrow!

Every coach and his/her dog runs challenges online these days, and frankly I’m a little over it, aren’t you?

I wanted to do something different, and super fun, without overcomplicating the strategy and intention behind it.

Yes obviously these Abundance Games will lead into a launch of something money related (you know how this works), but my sole intention for the games is this:

I want you to have FUN re-learning how to interact with, and receive, abundance!

That’s it.

Because when we have fun with something it flows effortlessly, gracefully, and we engage with it FULLY.

Money can get really complicated sometimes. 

We’ve got money beliefs, money blocks, money flow, money extensions (energetically speaking I mean). And then there’s the 3D stuff like loans, debts, credit cards, profit first ideologies, taxes, dividends, savings, the 10/80/10 ‘rule’, and so many other mind-screwing concepts that suck all the fun out of claiming our right and responsibility to abundance.

Abundance is our birthright. Fact. 

But all that patriarchal conditioning and projection has blindsided the majority.

I’m here not only to undo your conditioning, awaken you to money magic, AND bring back the true meaning of Abundance to your life, I’m also here to have fun along the way, and ensure that you do too!

Over the next five days the team and I will be introducing you to five super fun games that you can play during lockdown in your household, or even in teams with your friends via Zoom, and all gamers will be entered in to a prize draw to win one of these 3 prizes!




If you happen to already have access to MCM or RM you will be gifted an Ask H gift voucher of the same value. If you’re already a SoM member you will get a year for free.

The fun starts tomorrow!!

Let’s take a break from the gloom and doom and seriousness of this global pandemic shall we? And have some fun with abundance?

>>> Join us here <<<

My love always



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May 5, 2020