New Moon in Taurus (a message from my heart to yours)


Hey gorgeous

So I’ve been sitting with this all day and feeling into what I desire most, because I know honouring my desires allows you to honour yours too.

I promised I would be closing the doors to School of Mastery at midnight on Earth Day (which officially ended at 9am UK time this morning), but still I felt so many of you wanted to join and I’ve been holding space for that to happen all day. 

My dedicated two hour nature and journal time looked a little something like this:

  • What do I really desire from this launch?
  • What do I desire for the people I get to serve?
  • What is my Soul purpose?
  • How do I honour that through this process?

And here’s what came through:

I desire as many people as possible to benefit from this School, and I desire that all students get to experience true abundance.

My Soul purpose is, after all, to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth, and the idea of closing the doors to people who haven’t fully made their decision to leap yet doesn’t feel abundant, but neither does dishonouring my word. I did say I would be closing the doors and I want to honour that boundary for myself too as I come up to the autumn phase in my menstrual cycle.

So, here’s what I am going to do…

I am going to close the front door, but I’m going to open a side gate.

You won’t be able to enrol in the School of Mastery via me anymore, BUT, if you still desire to join us you can do so through one of our School of Mastery Ambassadors. 

We have recently mobilised many of our students as affiliates so they can receive a commission for people who join us via their personalised links, plus these guys are able to offer discount codes which I can’t!

If I’m going to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth then I desire to bring abundance to all of my tribe, via knowledge AND direct cash!

?Abundance for those who haven’t yet enrolled by extending the time frame, and facilitating a discount code, plus becoming a student of the SoM, obviously!

?Abundance for our existing members who will be able to extend their own tribes and earn commission for all the newbies that join via the side gate.

? Abundance for all students in making these empowering and financially beneficial connections.

?Abundance for humanity thanks to all these incredible Souls who are on the life mastery train to true abundance.

Can I get a massive great big yay?!

?Oh and abundance for me and the team so we can honour our professional and personal boundaries whilst still serving the greatest highest good of all humanity?! 🙂

Now I appreciate many of you won’t know who are existing members are in order to make these connections and benefit from the extended time frame and discount codes, SO, I’m going to make it super easy for you. 

Head over to the Ask Harriette Soul Support Squad on Facebook, request to join the group, pinned to the top there will be a comment asking all existing School of Mastery ambassadors to make themselves known! Simply ask for a link and a discount code and open sesame side gate… enrolment is yours!!

Pretty neat hey?

>>> Join the Facebook Group <<<

So happy for us all 🙂

Love always



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April 23, 2020