Did someone say the whole world is changing?


Did someone say the whole world is changing?

Oh damn. Yeah it’s happening boo. And there’s no escaping it.

Fun fact: The majority of people hate change, and are a bit crap at navigating it. I am also one of these people. Classic Taurus. Love what I love.

However, change is an inevitable part of life. It’s essential to growth. And I’ve had to learn to master it to get to where I am today… bouncing back from attempted suicide, near bankruptcy, recovery from narcissistic abuse, and being a single parent for 6 months (amongst a gazillion other things).

In the Change Season of the School of Mastery, I share three of the key Universal Laws to aid navigating change… the Law of Assignment, The Law of Expansion, and The Law of Reflection. Guest experts, Rachel Joy and Caroline Britton also join me for this feature to aid you guys with setting goals that are aligned and expansive, rather than excessive, and how to lean IN to change rather than sticking your head in the sand or running a million miles in the opposite direction with fear under your wings. 

It’s a powerful collection of trainings accompanied by Soul-Inspiring journal prompts which really help you get to the heart of what it is you actually desire, and where your current experience of change is trying to guide you to.

Jupiter was my astrological guide for the creation of this collection of trainings to help to master change, and he’s headed into retrograde on May 14th. Whilst he’s still direct and larger than life, you’re invited into the mastery of change classroom so you can navigate the coronavirus pandemic and come out the other side with a solid connection to your Soul self, Source, and your new life!

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This afternoon I’ll be popping back on Facebook to talk you through my super quick tips on understanding the difference between the Law of Assignment and the Law of Reflection.

Make sure you turn on notifications. I hope to go live around lunchtime-ish UK time (again, subject to toddler-interuptus!)

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April 16, 2020