It’s a rollercoaster and I don’t know where to start – she said


I’ve lost count of how many weeks the world has been on lock down now, and the one thing I’ve come back to time and time again as we navigate these uncharted waters is getting my energy right.

We’re all smart enough to know our energy is everything.

➡️It dictates how we show up in the world, how much money we make, how we feel in our relationships, how we respond to a crisis, where we succumb to fear, and where we thrive in life.

When I first launched the School of Mastery back in October, the theme of the season was Mastery of Power & Transformation. We honed in on the energy of death, and rebirth, removing the ego and listening to our Souls in order to move out of fear and into the energy of ‘founding’ our new lives and business.

It’s not lost on me at all that as we choose to reopen the School of Mastery in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, that this is where our new students will begin their journey: destroying their ego’s, connecting to their Soul’s on a much deeper level, and moving through transformation into power and self-empowerment. 

I must confess, I had to revisit this particular training myself this morning to shift some of the heaviness I’ve been feeling. We’re all experiencing death and rebirth in our own unique way, and mastering our own power and transformation is exactly the skill we need to maintain momentum in the direction of the new world we’ll soon be arriving in. 

The journal prompts from Scorpio season alone are enough to alchemise fear, heaviness, and procrastination.

Reclaim your power.

Allow the School of Mastery to support you in these turbulent times. 

If money is the thing holding you back… you’ve got two of the best money coaches in the world delivering trainings to you THIS month… myself, and the one and only, Amanda Frances. We are recording a brand new training for you, together, completely exclusive for the School of Mastery students.

Now either that’s you (yay), or it’s not you (not so yay).

If you’re sitting in the not so yay camp, I want to move you to yay sharpish!

Get enrolled, go to Scorpio season, click on the power and transformation training and get stuck in!

The tools we equip you with in the School of Mastery are tools you’ll come back to time and time again. These are timeless skills that once mastered, take you one step closer to a life that is fully ease, grace, and flow…

… and lord knows we all need a little more ease grace and flow right now!! Right?

>>> Join the School of Mastery <<<

My love always


p.s. to my existing students… if you know someone who really needs to master self empowerment, please send them your affiliate link as your good deed for the day! Thank you!


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April 14, 2020