Alternative dimensions and parallel worlds – things you need to know


Any one here watching stranger things?

Let’s talk about the fact that THAT SHIT IS REAL! 

Woah H… slow down on the cyber fantasy fangirling!! ?

Seriously though, alternative dimensions and parallel worlds are scientifically proven. It’s all just energy… the mantra I have built my entire life & business on. 

One of the things I install in my mastermind clients is the notion thatimagination doesn’t exist. 

Everything is real, it’s all just energy in different forms. So anything we can “imagine”, we can pull into our reality using what I call Soul Power. 

Your Soul is powerful beyond what you might currently comprehend. Your Soul can travel to other dimensions, worlds & even Universes. It can access all that is, all that ever has been, and all that ever will be, because technically the Soul exists outside of time and space. 

Your Soul can and does exist in multiples times and spaces all the time.

So when you’re daydreaming about your big goals and intentions for your future, your Soul is actually entering into a future reality. This isn’t your imagination, this is part of your destiny…. the choice is simply yours if you’re going to call it in. Or not. 

Soul Power activation is a homecoming. Understanding the Universe, and life, from a Soul-led place, rather than from an ego-place is the difference between struggle and success. 

For years I’ve been running my Soul Sister and Soul Mister masterminds, but something new is being birthed through me – a new container for epic Soul Power transformation. 

Ready to access the bigger picture?

Stay tuned for more info. 

And in the meantime… anything you encounter and believe to be “fantasy” or just “creative imagination”, remember this:

It’s all possible. It’s all just energy. Your reality is your perceived illusion. You can expand and recreate that illusion anytime you like. 

Until tomorrow, 

My love always



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July 22, 2019