Here’s what I love & hate about masterminds


So the coaching industry is booming, and that’s great, cheers to us all becoming the best versions of ourselves.

BUT, here’s the thing…

How do we figure out which is the right coach / coaching programme / mastermind for us to join?

Because there’s so many to choose from!

I’ve been in masterminds & coaching programmes from 6 weeks to 12 months, from £300 to £100,000, and all sorts in between.

Spiritual ones. Practical ones. Business ones. Life ones. In person ones. Virtual ones. Single sex ones. “Co-ed” ones. Educational ones (where it’s more teaching instead of coaching). Classic coaching ones (where the learning is on you, and the coach simply guides).

I mean… how are we supposed to choose?

?“Follow your intuition and gut feeling” is the eternal advice from the spiritual coaches.

?“Imagine the cost of NOT doing this mastermind” is the standard response from the marketing & biz coaches.

?“You’ll seriously regret it if you don’t” is the most unethical ickiest uttering I’ve ever heard. Ran away from that one with an allergic reaction.

And my masterminds….

So far have included:

?The Soul Sister Mastermind (by far the most popular & successful one I run every year)

?The Soul Mister Mastermind (trialled this last year and LOVED it… for men only)

?The Ascension Mastermind (where the Soul Sisters & Misters go once they ‘graduate’)

?The Divine Leadership Mastermind (a spin off my Priestess Protege Programme)

And whilst I adore delivering these masterminds, I still feel like there’s something better, and something more I can offer. 

I’m thinking:

  • 5 months
  • In person (likely in the states) AND online
  • Men & women
  • Spiritual teaching, guidance & healing
  • Practical business advice, coaching & teaching
  • Life coaching support
  • Consciousness training
  • Hands on tech support in your business
  • Hands on energy support from my personal team

And all for a fraction of a typical mastermind fee (which is approx £50k a year FYI)

But let’s forget what I’m thinking for a second, and give some energy to WHY I’m thinking this

I can’t believe I’m going to say this…

The coaching industry is becoming really negative, dark, patriarchal, negative, and ICK. 


Here’s what I find icky (tell me if you agree):

  • Coaches copying other coaches… find your own damn message & branding people!
  • Horrible hard sell discovery calls… seriously… where are your ethics?! (FYI I never do the hard sell)
  • Not following through on promises
  • Delivering courses / programmes which are nothing like what is advertised
  • Massively over charging
  • And actually… massively under charging (this is still the bigger problem)
  • Being way under qualified (this is a HUGE issue… for any one wondering, I’m a self-made millionaire and have been running several companies in the music, dance & fitness industries for over 11 years… as well as my coaching company)
  • Self-titling and labelling without giving any respect to the craft / gift / skill (classic case in point… I’m seeing self-proclaimed ‘Priestesses’ and ‘High Priestesses’ popping up all over the shop… lady if you didn’t do the damn work & initiate in with the respect required of this title, then you are NOT a Priestess… same applies to energy healers who have no training or no experience)

And the list goes on. 

I’m tired of seeing people buying into crap that doesn’t work because it’s being delivered by people who don’t actually give a crap.

And listen, I’m not going to tell you I have a 100% success rate anymore, because sadly I don’t. I used to. But I do have 3 ex-mastermind clients who are currently blaming me for their lack of success. Unfortunately they paid the money and thought that would be enough. It never is. See above. You need to DO THE DAMN WORK.

So how about a mastermind which also includes high accountability? To make sure you DO THE DAMN WORK, whilst being equipped with life-changing knowledge, and the best support team on the planet?

I like the sound of this. Can I create it? Yes. Is this what you need? Does this solve all your mastermind / coaching searching headaches?

Let me know!

Love always



Posted on

July 26, 2019