You better sit down for this.


I’m tired of your bullshit. Your Soul is tired of your bullshit. The ego party should have ended days ago. You sailed straight past cool and now it’s just sad.

There. I said it. Ouch. I’m sorry… I send this with love.

Let me bring it back round to some realness though. Even I’ve been feeling the tough love from Momma Universe recently. We are currently experiencing a huge energetic up-levelling and it’s impacted EVERYONE without exception. 

I’ve witnessed meltdowns, old stories coming back to haunt people, mega anxiety attacks, lethargy, huge episodes of self-doubt, an epidemic of debilitating self-talk, particularly along the “i’m not worthy” lines, and a general feeling of meh across the board. 

It’s happening because it’s necessary. In order for the collective to consciously level up, all the shit that doesn’t serve us needs to be released. 

And release happens through a re-experience. 

So it’s likely that you will have had some of your oldest scariest stories coming back to revisit you recently, with a vengeance. And it’s likely you’ve been knocked off your feet because of it, and you’ve been feeling a bit shit… am I right?

Here’s the thing… everything you’ve been feeling isn’t real. It’s just an illusion – a past projection of the old you onto the current you so you can shed the remnants of all that doesn’t serve, and move with the rest of us into an up levelling of heightened consciousness. 

These ego experiences aren’t here to hold you back, they’re here to be released, so don’t resist feeling it, but also ensure you don’t fall victim to it again, like you used to. This is an opportunity to start a new pattern, and a new behavioural response to your ego. This is a PROPER up levelling. A whole new level of you.

Feel it, acknowledge it, realise it’s there only to be released, and then let it go.

Choose a different response. Choose a different vibration. Choose a new pattern.

I send this email today because this morning the Planet shifted again. If you’ve been struggling to release things previously, don’t worry, today is the perfect day to do it.

You’re welcome.

Love always



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August 22, 2019