Authenticity in business and why I hate the cookie-cutter coaches


So this one has been a long time coming but I have to call it as I see it

And I’m potentially shooting myself in the foot here but screw it. Greatest highest good of all and all that jazz. 

The coaching industry has gone mainstream. And you can now become a certified coach with absolutely fuck all experience of your own.

I run my own coaching certification programme, and I am more than aware of my capacity to sell just about anyone the dream of becoming a 6 figure coach. I don’t do that. But I’m aware I could. 

Unfortunately, many people ARE selling that dream, and they’re selling it with zero respect for the Law of Morality, or any of the Universal Laws for that matter.

They are selling the idea of the cookie-cutter coaching business and it drives me fucking nuts. 

Here’s why becoming a certified coach, and duplicating someone else’s business model is not going to work for you:

  • Authenticity sells. Fake crap will come out in the wash eventually.
  • Being a fake will cripple your Soul and cause you to lose all inspiration and drive.
  • Someone else’s strategy works for their Soul plan, but you’re on a completely different Soul plan. Round peg square hole vibes.
  • Just because someone else got rich their way, doesn’t mean you’ll get rich their way. You have to get rich YOUR way.

And this is where the authenticity bit really comes into play, because unless you can build a business which is genuinely grounded in your own Soul truth and Soulful experience… you’re fucked. The Energetic Intelligence (my fancy word for Universe… don’t steal it bishes, I got that shit protected) will not buy your inauthentic fake-ass crappery of a “service” when all you’re doing is serving your own damn self and your lazy uninspired ego.

Which is why, BABES, when you join my mastermind, I am not going to offer you a pathetic cookie-cutter business and be all “hey, this is how to become a millionaire in three years” because I am more than aware I am my own kind of special. And my route from near bankruptcy to millionaire was mine. Designed for me…. as in, can not be replicated by ANYBODY else.

Not what you wanted to hear? Oh I’m sorry. Not.

Here’s what you need to hear:

You have already designed your route from where you’re at to where you want to be!! (even if you can’t remember it just now). You don’t need mine! 

You need to be more conscious of your relationship with your Soul self, and your relationship with Source, the planet, your spirit team, your community, your audience, your money, your service, your messaging, your brand, your energy… 

^^^ All of these things and more is what I give you through the Soul Money Mastermind

You need to realise you don’t need my business plan at all. Or even my mindset. You need your own Soul freaking Power. Did you know your Soul has a value? A huge fucking value. A value, that once unlocked, carries everything you need to fulfil your Soul Destiny. 

Christ almighty babe, there’s no fucking secret. There’s no master plan. It’s YOU! Your Soul. Your Destiny. Your Path. Your Choices. Your AUTHENTICITY.

You don’t need to copy anyone else. You don’t need a cookie-cutter business. Or even a business course. You need Soul Money. Soul Money pays for everything you need to get your hands on to do whatever the hell it is you want to do.

And don’t get me wrong, of course I’ll share unlimited access to my life, business, mindset, energy, support teams, ideas, successes, and failures.

Because all of this will help, and inspire you, and guide you. 

But you’re not going to copy me. Hell no. You’re going to a lot better than that babe.

You’re going to become unapologetically authentically YOU. And the world is going to pay you for that shit.

Are you with me?

We start in three weeks. If you haven’t registered yet… get the hell on.

And if you haven’t even had a conversation with me about it yet, jeez Louise, do I need to shove you in a cold shower or what here?

Jump. Now. Here. Book

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Can you tell I’m on one today?! You’re welcome. 

I love you



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August 27, 2019