Why I Sacked The Hired Help (and why money can’t solve everything)

Recently I wrote about spending for your greatest highest good, and the magic of the Law of Abundance in that when we spend in alignment, that money comes back to us tenfold. Every single time.

So at 4am this morning when my newborn baby was crying for yet another feed (I should add “milk machine” to my Instagram bio now), it got me thinking… why the hell did I sack the hired help?

You see we had initially hired a night nurse to do the night feeds so that I could get some sleep and get back to work pretty much straight away.

I allowed myself two weeks of maternity leave, but was determined to get back in the coaching seat asap. I love my work, I love my job, I love my clients… I love what I do… two weeks off was always going to be more than enough!

Plus I can work in my PJs from bed if I really want to, so as long as I had sufficient sleep, I’d be able to perform at my highest level of service for my clients straight after giving birth right?!

Urm. Not quite.

Trusting someone with my new born baby wasn’t as easy as I anticipated.

I woke every time my baby daughter woke. Even though she was in the other room with the night nurse. I strained to listen for every murmur, every suckle, every hiccup, every burp, every whimper, every cry… and even when she was successfully fed and nursed back to sleep, I’d lay wide awake wondering if she was still breathing.

My maternal instincts took over my need for sleep and rest. It’s actually quite miraculous what motherhood does to you. I’m still learning. Obviously. She’s not even four weeks old yet. But it’s life-changing stuff.

One night I couldn’t bear the sound of her coughing and spluttering and got up to help the hired help. How ironic.

I was paying to get some sleep, and yet I swear the night nurse was getting more shut eye than I was.

What I saw in the nursery that night told me instantly that the only person qualified to feed and care for my daughter was me. Or my fiancé. (And now my sister and my mum… because, well, family is a god send).

In the days that followed I had to accept that money couldn’t fix all problems.

I’m the money making queen. The leading money mindset expert and coach in the UK for pities sake. I’ve built the most incredible life for myself off the back of my deep deep understanding of money and energy and how to manifest a fuck ton of the stuff with fairly effortless ease.

But money, in this moment, can’t buy me sleep.

It can’t buy a clone of me so one can sleep, and the other can nurse my newborn.

It can’t buy time.

It can’t buy a daughter that sleeps through the night at three and a half weeks old.

(for the record she’s a damn good sleeper, but mummy needs a good 8 hour sleep to feel 100% human lol)

But what can money do?

It can buy help, resources, and support in all the other areas of my life so all I have left to do is coach my clients, and nourish my baby girl.

Not being able to throw money at a situation to fix it forced me to go to my other power tool: my connection to Source.

Re-connecting to the Universe, and to my spirit team, after admittedly failing in my daily meditation routine post-birth, reminded me of this:

?We can have it all.

?Nothing has to be difficult.

?Energy doesn’t just come from sleep. We can access super human resources through Consciousness.

?Abundance is my birth right.

?We don’t have to work our arses off and burn ourselves out to provide for our families. We can just reconnect to Source and receive instead.

?We have all the answers inside of us.

?The Law of Expansion is always at play.

?Our mind is the filter for every experience.

?What we experience externally is only a reflection of our inner world.

And so much more.

The abundance of knowledge came rushing back to me and in an instant I felt calm, in control, re-inspired, and re-connected to my ability to co-create anything I want in this world (with possibly the exception of a clone, or a baby capable of sleeping for 8 hours at three weeks old).

The Universal Laws, which is where all these statements, and all this knowledge comes from, are without doubt the most empowering and insightful teachings I have ever encountered in my 30 years on this planet.

I am the only person on the planet to teach this knowledge, and it’s one of my life missions to empower as many people as possible with this truth.

My other life missions include helping even more of you to live truly abundant lives… FYI.

Yes money can’t solve everything. 

But it can grant you access to life-changing information. 

>>> The Universal Laws <<<

My love always



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December 3, 2018