What happens when you level the playing field?


How many times have you stopped yourself from going after more because you’re telling yourself a story about not being ready?


What is it you desire that isn’t being realised because you think you have to be fully healed, or more highly skilled, or more experienced before you’re worthy of having whatever it is you desire?


By now, you’ll know that September is your runway to creating, having and doing M.O.R.E. The Ask Harriette team has created a container for you to release every single bullshit story and get on with living the life YOU want right now, and we’re giving you all the tools to do it right now… including free hot spot coaching from both myself (Mia) AND Harriette, tag team style.


The only catch? You have to be willing to do it live!


Lucy was the first person to show up vulnerably and authentically, and my god, the transformation that happens when you allow yourself to do this in a loving space with two (shit hot) coaches is phenomenal.


Ironically, Lucy wanted help with feeling more worthy TO show up as her authentic self, and was telling herself a story about needing to have more of everything figured out before she can be of service to others.


This is a story I related to, and I’ve seen reflected in so many clients too. The idea that you have to be more knowledgeable, more skilled, more healed, more spiritual, more experienced etc etc than your client in order to help them.


Full, vulnerable disclosure, yesterday I was hit by an emotional train. A part of me that I’ve suppressed, ignored and refused to acknowledge my entire life came up to be witnessed. My body has reacted, and I wanted nothing more than to hide away today.


To not have to show up unhealed, imperfect, the opposite of having it figured out.


But as I said to Lucy, waiting until you’re whatever illusion of perfection you’ve created instills a hierarchy. It separates you from the person you desire to help and it creates division within the space so that they can’t relate to you and you can’t relate to them. M.O.R.E doesn’t come from separation and hierarchy. 


Hierarchy is a product of the patriarchy which stops us from healing. So what happens when you level the playing field?


What happens when you embrace someone, and sometimes that someone is yourself, for all that they are, in the moment, without the need to know better…? You enter a space that allows you to fully witness, without triggers or reactions, and THIS is what creates more of everything you want to create more of.


Embrace Yourself


What if you could move forward; worthy, valuable, insightful and of service, right now?

What if you allowed yourself to be all of who you are, completely authentic?

What if your unique, lived experience was all you needed to unlock the magic of total freedom, flow and faith?


What if all it took was 5 Days To M.O.R.E? 


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All my love,


(And of course, Harriette)


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September 7, 2020