When you strip it all back, what’s left?


Without support

Without good health

Without opportunity

Without money

Without a plan

Without an idea

Even without hope…

When you strip it all back, what’s left?


What is the core essence of YOU?


It’s Friday morning. 10:17am. I’m at my kitchen table, still in my robe, teeth not brushed, hair greasy AF, I daren’t move because every time I stand up I blackout.

I’m exhausted.

It’s been a hell of a week. I won’t bore you with details.

There are a million and one things to do that require my attention. I don’t have the capacity for any of them, apart from one. 

The one that pours from the core of my being, my essence, my Soul, and she speaks clearly:




When I can’t do anything else, when I don’t even have the mental or physical strength to get in the shower, I still fundamentally desire to serve.

This aspect of my core essence tells me everything I need to know about myself, even in my weakest moments. 

I’m here to serve. To heal. To change the world.

So I write to you. I voice note my priestesses-in-training. I hold space. I text my clients. I liaise with the team. And inevitably you’ll see my unwashed face on Instagram within the hour!

When I have nothing left to give to myself, I always have something to give to others.


That’s the core of my essence.


And you know what’s amazing about tapping in to the core of our essence? It sparks a re-birthing process that heals us from the inside out so we can expand our core essence even more. 

The light of core essence never goes out. It’s a seed we can always come back to. 

Understanding this, accessing this, embodying and igniting this, is part of my new course I’ll be launching on October 1st. But I’ll be making sure you get a sneak preview during runway month (also known as September 2020 but since when have months mattered this year?!).

MORE faith is everything I need right now.


What do you need? What is your core essence?


Come join the conversation, and allow me to serve you…

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My love always




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September 4, 2020