This is what standing in your greatest Power looks like


Last night we had dinner with ‘new’ friends (new to me at least… friends of Stephen’s for years).

The inevitable question was always going to arise at some point, and it did… triggering a rather uncomfortable squirm from me, and a pitiful answer that really didn’t do me justice in the slightest.

Them: “So, Harriette, I’m fascinated… tell me more about your job and what you do”.

Me: “I’m basically a life & business coach”

Them: “No not that bit… the other stuff”

(they follow me on Instagram btw so they’ve seen what you already know)

Me (in my head): “Oh fuck a didgery doo, this is going to go down like a shit sandwich”

Me: *** muttered something incoherent about being a Priestess and a psychic clairvoyant and helping people shift their energy into abundance ***

Them: “But, do you actually believe in all that stuff? Do you believe you’re actually channeling God or whatever?”

Me (in my head): “Christ almighty, where’s the fucking birthday cake, distract them with sugar, for fucks sake!!!”

Me (out loud): “Yes. I do. Does anyone want birthday cake?”

Meanwhile Stephen is grinning at me across the table like a cheshire cat with that proud adoring look, and making me feel even more self-conscious … how & why this man loves me, eludes my consciousness sometimes. I’m a nutcase. But he does. And the re-affirmation of his love last night, and a fair telling off from my acupuncturist this morning, led me here…

To re-introduce myself, and model for you what standing in your greatest power actually looks like. Because fair play to my ego… she took me down last night. But I’m back for the fight.

?I am Harriette Hale. The High Priestess of Light & Consciousness Coach. I am also human as fuck, riddled with emotions & fears just like everyone else on the planet, in feverish pursuit of wiping out the Patriarchy, and hell bent on bringing the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth.

?I am an energy healer, energy reader, and energy alchemist. I consider myself a Numerology expert, Star Seed, a Divine Channel for Source, and basically psychic AF. I burn holes in bullshit for fun. Because I can.

?I trained to become a certified Money, Mindset & Soul Coach (years ago), which to be honest doesn’t mean a great deal, because between my 13 years of business experience running several of my own businesses, making 6 figures in my early 20s, losing it all, making 7 figures by my late 20s, and having daily if not hourly conversations with my Spirit Team, (and yours), I’ve pretty much got your transformation nailed, before you’ve even got to the end of this email. Certification not required. I’ve been doing this dance for lifetimes, and I’m pretty damn good at it.

?Speaking of dance… that was my first career – Ballet, until an accident which took me out of training for a while, led me to music, and for a few years I was a professional singer and pianist. You can Google me. Heck, you can even buy my album. I’ll probably get about £0.10 in royalties. Eye roll. But thanks anyway.

?My intelligence is a blessing. I can put my mind to anything and pull it off. I always get what I want, and my ambitions are sky high. The gift I fall back on is my Light Power… fancy word basically meaning I’ve got a massive fucking aura and you can’t not notice me when I walk into a room. Good bloody job really because being 5ft 3 with a baby face, you’d be forgiven for ID-ing me in a bar.

?I’m a gypsy by heritage, a witch by practice, and a Priestess by Destiny’s calling. My marketing skills, financial literacy, and freakishly-fast mind are the power tools behind the multiple businesses I’ve built successfully in my 13 years – 6 of my own, and countless for my clients. I have huge creative vision, but also the skill set to break it down into achievable steps, which bypass the mistakes so many entrepreneurs fail to see until it’s too late.

?Did I mention I’m the leading Money Mindset coach in the UK too? And the leading Money Consciousness Coach in the world. It’s a pretty neat string on my bow.

Adam asked me last night, “Is there anything you can’t do?”. 

?Sports. I am terrible at sports. I run away from the ball. Which I’m told is not how it’s done. Hey, can’t be perfect at everything!!

?I’m a mother of a one year old baby girl. My gift from Grace, Ostara Joyannie. Also mother to my fur baby, Alfie the cat.

?Other things you might care to know… I’m a Taurus lady and I live an overly lavish lifestyle, but my feet are firmly on the ground. I’m practical, rarely sensible, but always loving, generous, thoughtful, and kind. I can be easily wounded by those I let into my heart, and fiercely loyal to the few I keep close to my Soul. I’ve had a colourful life experience in my 31 years so far, through which I’ve endured and mastered A LOT… Narcissistic relationships, abuse of all kinds, near bankruptcy, attempted suicide, voluntary therapy, death during childbirth (don’t worry, I obviously came back), bullying, jealousy, loss, grief, pain of every colouring, betrayal, emotional wounding and deep Soul scars.

?So, I’ll forgive myself for being a little ‘crazy’ sometimes.

?I have a ferocious appetite for abundance, for myself and everyone I love (which includes my clients).

I live life by the 11 Universal Laws Source delivered to me in 2017, and the Incarnation Intentions which state the following:

  1. We are all here to live a human physical emotional experience
  2. And to use that experience to contribute to the collective consciousness, to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest and highest good of all humanity

?So, I’ve been through a LOT. I AM, a lot. In fact my little brother dared to trigger me over the weekend by calling me ‘full-on’. He’s a Scorpio. It’s Scorpio Season. Go figure (if you don’t understand, you will once you join the School of Mastery).

I am a lot. But I’ve also MASTERED a lot. 

And what I’ve just demonstrated for you is the first step in Mastering Power & Transformation. Full mind, body & Soul acceptance of self shifts you directly back in to Power.

So, I’d love to know Ellie, how do you introduce yourself at a dinner party?

Is it time for you to master your own Power, and transform into the next level you just in time for 2020?

The School of Mastery is open for enrolment, but only until Friday. 

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My love always



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October 29, 2019