The hardest moments are the unexpected ones


The hardest moments are the unexpected ones

The ones that catch you off guard. The ones you didn’t see coming. The ones that trigger your deepest oldest wounds and force you into the shark tank to deal with that shit without drowning.

The ones that make you feel like you’re failing. The ones that feel like impossible mountains to climb. The ones that have you aching for more sleep, or caffeine, or something stronger… just anything to distract you from unravelling the mess you feel inside.

The ones that consume you, mind, body, and Soul, and pull your focus from everything else around you.

The ones that make you painfully uncomfortable and hold you in a vice like grip until you surrender to it. 

Those are the hardest moments.

But they can also be the most beautiful… when you realise what they are. 

These moments are invitations to remember:

Remember who you are

Anytime you find yourself spiralling, panicking, suffering, caught between a rock and a hard place, ask yourself this simple question:

Who Am I?

Take a pen and paper and write it all down. Forgive yourself as you witness the less than perfect things that appear in ink, and move through relief as you acknowledge the greater aspects of yourself. Honour the changes in you this year, compared to last. Deep bow to your own transformation. Sincere nod as you recognise the transformation process starting once again. It’s Scorpio season. This is what we are here for… deep deep transformation.

In the last few weeks, I’ve battled an entire army of triggers. And they’re continuing even now as I write this.

I’ve experienced judgement of self & judgment from others. I’ve had people close to me question my choices, my motives, and even my personality traits. I’ve had people who I thought respected me tell lies about me with malicious intent, due to jealousy. I’ve put myself into several toxic environments, naively so. And yet in the same window of time I’ve experienced more love than I’ve known in my life, more support, more understanding, and more celebration than I ever thought possible.

But the juxtaposition of incredible highs and manic lows in such a short time frame, leaves one struggling for breath by the end. And THAT is the moment I’m talking about.

When you find stillness in a moment the other side of the chaos. When the house goes quiet, and for once your phone isn’t beeping at you demanding your attention. When you realise you can hear yourself think for the first time in a long time, and everything that needs to be healed and released comes flooding to the surface, leaving you nauseous, exhausted, and desperate to escape.

This is you putting your ego on the stand. A cross-examination of the most brutal kind. But a completely necessary liberation in the name of Transformation. 

The ego vs. Soul battle is a battle we repeat throughout life, but more so in Scorpio Season, which kicked in less than a week ago. And it’s time you mastered this battle, because it won’t ever go away. The ego flare kicks in multiple times a year, even multiple times a month for some people. It’s a natural part of being human. But humans are cyclical beings and we have a tendency to repeat patterns, and battles without ever changing the result, if we fail to master the process.

Mastery of Power and Transformation (with focused training on the Ego and Soul), is the content theme for the School of Mastery this month. 

And for £29, this is the aspect of your life that you could master this month, to ensure that THOSE moments are few, and far between at best, and fleeting at worst.

Understanding your fear, and acknowledging the process of transformation from both a Soul and Ego perspective is paramount to becoming a master of your own life and business. 

We are now just four days away from closing enrolment for the School of Mastery. Will you join us?

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October 28, 2019