“The inability to receive from others is a trauma response”


“The inability to receive from others is a trauma response”

Woman to woman (or Soul to Soul), I gotta share this with you.

It’s 11.45pm on a Saturday night. Stephen and I are doing shifts because baby girl isn’t sleeping, and I stumbled across this post earlier on FB:

“The inability to receive from others is a trauma response”

It smacked me in the face like a tonne of bricks.

I’ve said “oh for fucks sake I’ll do it myself” more times than I’ve had hot dinners.

? I’ll mutter it whilst I’m re-hanging the laundry that someone else didn’t hang straight.

? Or whilst pouring myself a glass of wine after asking the wall several times to pour one for me (wall also known as husband playing whatever he plays on his iPhone).

? Or whilst completing my VAT return at ten to midnight on the 7th after asking my accountant to please do XYZ (picked this one up from my mother).

? Or whilst editing landing pages that I’ve asked a staff member to complete previously.

? Or whilst organising my own diary after my assistant didn’t realise I also need TIME to get from A to B, because I can’t astral project. Yet.

? Or whilst hoovering the floor after the cleaner left. Because only my eyes can see the microscopic crumbs in the corner where the hoover can’t reach.

But you know the one thing I DON’T do for myself anymore… 

Figure. It. Out. 

This, I actually cracked a while ago.

If we were meant to figure shit out on our own, and do this whole life / soul-purpose / fulfilment / accomplishment thing on our own, we would have been borne onto islands… ON OUR OWN.

But that’s simply not the case.

I invest heavy in my support, even though I still occasionally mutter about it under my breath lol.

Hiring people to help me, even when I can’t afford it, is probably my greatest life hack. That, and only drinking the finest champagne. Because fuck having a headache when you’re trying to change the world seven days a week. I’m damn proud of me. Because despite all my trauma’s and my wounds… I know I’m worth it. That right there is something to be proud of.

And that wasn’t a realisation that came easy. That realisation probably cost me close to a quarter of a million quid ($326,000.00 US).


Obviously you guys realise I’m in launch mode for my new programme / mastermind called M.O.R.E.

So, inevitably I’m witnessing resistance in many of you. It’s beautiful to see (to the 28 already in…. heeeyyyyy babe!!)

One of the biggest ones I’m seeing right now….

“I’ve already invested so much in courses and coaches… I need to see a return before I can invest in any more.”

You know what I’m actually hearing….?

“I’m not worthy of investing any more. Receiving any more will reactivate my trauma.”

It’s the point at which you want to stop that you must continue. 

This is the make or break point.

I’ve had several of them. And every single one has taken me to my next level.

You’re worthy of M.O.R.E.

You’re worthy of MORE support, more love, more abundance, more knowledge, more education, more mentoring, more self-investment, more discovery, more depth, more Soul-understanding, more healing, more expansion, more growth… more of it all.

There’s no such thing as “too many courses”.

There’s no such thing as “not enough time”.

There’s no such thing as “can’t afford it”. 

There’s only your trauma response to not being worthy of receiving. And it’s that very same trauma response which is responsible for the manifestation of your current reality.

Are you going to continue giving it power so it continues to survive?

Or is your self-worth going to finally win out?!

There is no reality. Only the truth you want to believe.

Do you want to believe you can’t do this? I doubt it. So choose again. Choose you.

Fuck the rules. Fuck the negative narratives. Fuck the limiting beliefs. Fuck anything that holds you back.

I know you because I’ve been you. There is MORE.

I’m here to take you there.

Class starts on Tuesday.

>>> Join me here <<<

My love always



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October 11, 2020