Story Time! The One Where They Make It Happen

story time

Morning beautiful people,

I’d love to share a story with you all this fine Tuesday. I’ve been speaking to so many of you over the last few days, all desperate to join us for M.O.R.E, all sharing with me how much it speaks to you, but that it’s just not feasible for you financially. My heart strings are being well and truly played, virtuoso, because I remember when that was me.

Come back with me, to June 2018. I’d been in Harriette’s world for about 6 months, and I’d finally made the shift from Instagram stalker to action taker by bagging myself a VIP ticket to her London Light Tour. I’d seen her promoting her Soul Sister Mastermind for several weeks, geniusly named, my Soul was indeed calling for it. But I was telling myself I couldn’t afford it. At that time in my life, if the exact figure didn’t exist as cash in the bank, I couldn’t afford it, it was that simple. 

Destiny however, isn’t ?  Holding a VIP ticket meant Harriette took me and the other VIP’s out for dinner after the event. The poor woman was quizzed relentlessly about the mastermind, about abundance, about credit, soul purpose and just about anything else you can think of, she even told me the mastermind was “technically” sold out (I mean looking back at how obsessively I questioned everything, I don’t blame her ?) But ultimately she knew as well as I did it was where I was meant to be, and gave me the sign up link.

On the train home, I excitedly clicked on the link to be met with the heaviest stomach drop of my life, it was £7777 – I don’t know how I’d got confused, but I had it in my head it was around £3000. Immediately my ego kicked in..

“Well, that’s it then, I can’t possibly make that happen, I’d need a miracle, it’s obviously not meant for me. I guess maybe this is for next year”

Sound familiar?

Luckily, my soul had already had enough air time that day to still be holding the reigns “oh no you fucking don’t” she said. I imagine my Higher Self to be constantly sat at a bar, sipping martinis and rolling her eyes at me until I get over myself and admit she knows best.
I immediately text my husband to say “I don’t know how this happens, but it has to happen”. “It does” He replied, “Let’s talk about it when you get home”

LOL!! By the time I got home I’d consolidated an existing loan, extended the repayment term to make the monthly payments work better for me and emailed H to tell her the money would be in by Monday.

The point of my long winded story time here is NOTHING is as it seems. So very rarely your reality is actually how you’re telling yourself it is. It can literally shift as quickly as a perspective does. All you have to do is get honest with what you want, and own that desire. 

Did I have to do things my ego wasn’t entirely comfortable with? Yes.

Did I have to leverage credit? Yes.

Did I have to commit to myself in a way that made my success entirely my responsibility? Yes. (Perhaps the scariest bit of all).

Was it worth it? YES. 

What are you telling yourself about how reality gets to be right now? Does that reality own and honour your desires?

What abundant support do you have available to you to make this investment work for you?

If you suspend everything you think you know as “truth” for a few moments, what else opens up?

And finally, what does your Soul/Higher Self say? Do you really believe she would ever tell you to do something that would put you at risk?

My diary’s open to chat this week if you need support with this decision, you can book in here.

Or if you’re ready to take the leap and grab over £700 worth of bonuses, sign up to M.O.R.E and let us celebrate you!


Finally, here’s some advice from 2 of the 8 people who took the leap of self yesterday…


“I signed up for M.O.R.E today, and I urge you do to the same if you’re still on the fence. What do you have to lose? the money will come back to you, and even if it doesn’t (but it most definitely will… 1/6th of it has been taken care of already for me!) you will have gained so much knowledge, experience, magic, pride and satisfaction in knowing that you followed through on your soul desire, despite it being scary and despite it being “not the sensible thing to do“. I told myself it wasn’t sensible spending, and then (one “A-ha!” moment!): I was reminded by H of the shit-show that is 2020 and what is considered ”sensible” these days. I for one do not subscribe to that idea of sensible!(by the way, I’m employed by the Govt system and don’t have my own business (yet!) so don’t think its not for you If you’re in the same boat as me!).another huge “A-ha!” moment: Where is less actually more? I could list a thousand places where less is more for me, and I am totally dedicated now to sorting that shit out! ultimately it all boils down to: Less stress = more peace, less hate = more love. It’s time we all took radical responsibility for create less of what we don’t want, to make space for MORE of what we DO want!I can feel the huge shifts already, what are you waiting for?” 

“I sat with it over the weekend. I looked at how it felt in my body, the thoughts I was having, and any signs that were pointing me. The decision to join M.O.R.E. was a very calm decision for me – even though financially it is a BIG stretch – and I have to make concessions in all other areas of my business. I got some great advice some time ago that kept running through my mind. If it [any decision] feels urgent, stressful, necessary, or heavy/pressured, it isn’t for you. If it feels natural, calm, in alignment, ‘just right’ without really knowing why, and light and airy, then it is the right time. I firmly believe that we know (like, know know) what we want to do with most decisions, but we spend the rest of the time talking ourselves into and out of that decision, so my advice is to get quiet, listen to your inner knowing, and then see what you feel and think.”


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October 6, 2020