The Fear Paradigm


What we’re seeing on a global scale at the moment is a consequence of all the work we DIDN’T do as individuals. 

The Fear Paradigm

And the collective consciousness (or lack thereof) is being reflected back to us on a very personal and individual level to show us what needs to be done so we can heal the global wound. 

Basically… where we failed as individuals to really look at ourselves and take radical responsibility for our vibration, is now impacting the whole entire world… the fear, the wounds, the traumas, are all playing out on a macro level.

And as per Universal design (Law of Reflection and Law of Assignment © Harriette Jackson nee. Hale 2017-2020), that macrocosm is being projected right back in to our microcosm.

❓ Are the fears and anxieties you’re feeling really just a consequence of the state of the world at large? Or are they a reflection of your own shadows that you didn’t deal with, that got played out into the collective consciousness, and are now being reflected back at you once again… this time screaming to be dealt with?

We’re in the final Mercury Retrograde of 2020, and in this new normal, it’s finally time to put the old habits, old patterns, and old behaviours to bed once and for all… because if you don’t… 2021 might look a whole lot worse. 

I created M.O.R.E. knowing the power of the collective consciousness, collective healing, and collective responsibility for the global vibration. We’ve ALL got to play a part in changing the world, because we ALL failed to deal with our shit and now we’re at the point of ‘too late’. 

That includes me too. 

My stuff is coming home to roost too. NO ONE is exempt. 

Now you can either own it, or you can continue to get frustrated, angry, resentful, anxious, fearful and become increasingly ignorant of the larger energies at work here.

I’ve had a few people approach me recently asking me to look into why they’re struggling in their business.

  • Why are people saying no to my offers?
  • Why is my launch getting crickets?
  • Why are people saying they can’t afford to pay me?
  • Why are my clients being flaky?
  • Why are my clients payments failing?
  • Why are people backing out of my programme?
  • Why didn’t I hit my target this month?
  • Why am I suddenly making less money?

What all these questions translate as, is…

Can I shirk responsibility for my current financial reality and blame it instead on an external force, such as a global pandemic?!

Well … yes you can my darling… but your reality won’t change, it will get worse… for the exact reasons I described above. We ALL have a radical responsibility to take ownership for, and heal, the collective vibration of humanity.

This is not a ME game anymore, it’s become too big for that. This is now a WE game. 

  • – – – –

? Money. Money. Money. Money. ?

We have become OBSESSED with material and financial gains. So much so we’ve forgotten why we’re really here on this planet. 

Allow me to remind you (taken from the 11 Universal Laws © Harriette Jackson nee. Hale 2017- 2020):

  1. To have a human physical emotional experience
  2. To use that experience to contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest highest good of all humanity
  3. To be the absolute expression of Divinity through the human filter

To get your hands on the complete 11 Universal Laws classes, click here. It’s £44 and comes with a £44 money-off coupon to use towards M.O.R.E.

We all have a right and responsibility to Abundance. We get paid to do the work we were destined to do on this planet.

(Hot tip: that work is not your business / job / career… those are just the vessels the money can flow through, amongst many others). 

??‍♀️ The job you came here to do is as simple as follows:

  • Be human
  • Have experiences
  • Learn from your experiences
  • Heal your wounds (so you don’t inflict your pain on the collective)
  • Pass on the lessons
  • Be a better human

THAT’S IT. You get paid to do that shit!! We all do! And for the most part most people are doing it on a very unconscious level.

It’s time to get hyper conscious, hyper aware, and get your energy right!! Humanity is on its knees. Look at the state of the world. Then look at where you’re struggling, where you’re stuck, where your old shit is coming home to roost, where you’re experiencing a negative kick-back… and get to work on your energy. 

This is the theme of the month. The entire year has been building towards this point.

I can’t get much clearer with you than this. Get your energy right, join me inside M.O.R.E.

>>> Shit H you’re right, it’s time <<<


My love always

Harriette x


Posted on

October 15, 2020