Why would it be any different for you?

for you

Who told you M.O.R.E isn’t possible for you?

The evidence really is speaking for itself. Abundant expansion is happening all around you, every single day. It happens in Ask Harriette land as the NORM…

“In the first month you helped to open me up to what I really want my dream life to be and now are helping me formulate a steady plan to get me there. Working your money mindset system has been life changing for me and helping me get into the flow of abundance where everything comes to me with joy, ease and grace.”

– Rebecca Fabick 


“I’m so grateful I joined Ask Harriette Land!

Working with Harriette and Mia and the team has been an incredible experience. The mastermind was everything I was looking for to move my business to the next level.

  1. I nailed down a solid and specific plan for my client offerings.
  2. I created a daily schedule to stay focused.
  3. I was pushed to think bigger in terms of what I desired and challenged to set higher monetary goals (that I ended up exceeding).
  4. I was held accountable for my short-term goals on a weekly basis.
  5. I felt constantly supported.

Thank you for guiding me and creating the confidence I needed to defy my upper limits. I’ll be back!”

– Carly Hamtilton Jones 


“When I registered for MCM + BCC I had to select the 12month payment plan… and even that was scary! I wasn’t sure where that extra money would come from each month to make the payment. Last week, with 8 remaining payments of my 12, I paid off the program in full! This program opened me up to allow energy to flow to me, and energy to flow through me in a greater capacity than ever before. Harriette said her clients don’t pay her, Source pays her. I get it now. Yes I have increased the cash flow in my business, but it’s also been an energetic upgrade in all areas of my life. This upgraded abundance has allowed my husband to move to a job that offers him more in all aspects and that he absolutely loves. It has allowed me to pay off $30,000 in debt, and to increase my savings by 27times within a matter of months. It has allowed us to slow down, switch up the way we are doing life, and homeschool our children. It’s all just energy, right? This program helped me to get really fucking intentional about what I desire to create and how I am here to serve. The more I am in flow and aligned with that, the more Source pays me. I am forever grateful for Harriette’s impact. She is a life changing teacher and guide.”

– Elizabeth Meekes


“Working with Harriette and her team over the course of the last four months has been an absolute total joy for me. 

Harriette helped me get clear on how I best served my clients and create an easy, soul-filled program from that place.

I’ve sold out half of the seats in my new program and I’m expecting a $50K launch! An easy, flowy, and fully aligned 50K launch at that. Thank you Harriette, Mia and Ellie! Love youuuu.”

– Lorraine Martinez 

There’s infinitely M.O.R.E where they came from. The only difference between the names in this email and you is that they took the leap. 

They’re NOT more deserving than you, more experienced than you, more magical than you, more wealthy than you, more *insert whatever you’re bullshitting yourself with today* than you.

They just decided enough was enough and invested in the most valuable thing of all, themselves.

Why would it be any different for you? 

Answer that question, that’s the only thing holding you back now. The evidence is there, the evidence is GLOWING. Time for you to do the same.

When you have the answer, see it for what it is… egoic conditioning designed to keep you small. Have a little giggle to yourself as you release it, take a big smile as you settle into the truth – that you are capable of M.O.R.E,

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Love always,

Harriette & Mia


Posted on

October 13, 2020